Ajax Catalog Pro - Magento Infinite Scroll (1.4.2)

Magento infinite scroll extension adds infinity scroll and automatically loads products on the catalog page as the customers scroll down the website. In the catalog, you can set products to load automatically or with a manual button. With Ajax technique, the products continue to load in a flow, which remove the time consuming process of page reloads and pagination.
  • Key Features

    • Infinite Scrolling in Magento
    • Automatic & Manual Loading Button
    • Removes Pagination & Page Reloads
    • Custom Image For Ajax Loading

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Powerful Features of Magento Infinite Scroll

  • Infinity Scroll

    Magento AJAX scroll extension is powered with infinity scroll that allows your customers to keep browsing products with each scroll.

  • “More Products” Button

    “More Products” button can be enabled to allow customers to click and laod more products on the catalog page.

  • Removes Pagination & Page Reloads

    You can remove pagination that shows a limited number of items per page. It also eliminates the time consumed in each page reload.

  • Upload Ajax Loading Image

    The image that appears during products load can also be changed to customize the catalog page.

  • Quick Products Loading

    The Ajax based technique speeds up the loading process so that the products appear in the catalog immediately after a scroll.

  • Fully Responsive

    AJAX Catalog Pro is fully responsive that create easy navigation of your website on different devices including computers and mobile phones.

Magento AJAX Scroll – A Must have Feature

Infinite Scroll Magento extension is a brilliant addition to your business website, as it improves customer experience and engagement with instant product loading on the catalog page.

  • Enhances User Experience

    The quick products load on the catalog page creates convenience for customers to explore the online store without any pause.

  • Increases Conversion Rate

    Customers can conveniently pick a product from the Ajax based catalog and add it to cart, rather than switching between category pages, which results in higher conversion rate.

  • Draws Customer Attention

    With Magento AJAX pagination, you can explicitly gain customer attention towards a lot of products on the catalog page that appears as they scroll down.

Manual & Automatic Infinity Scrolling

You can set products to infinity scroll.

  • Automatic Scrolling

    With automatic Magento infinite AJAX scroll, the product immediately loads as the customers scroll down. It does not need a customer request to load more products.

  • Manual Scrolling Button

    You can enable manual product reload, which will require customers’ consent in showing more products.

  • Ajax Loading Image

    The image that appears while the products load can also be changed by uploading a personalized one.

Removes Pagination & Page Reloads

Ajax application replaces pagination with a one-page catalog view that display products without an entire page reload.

  • Removes Pagination

    Magento product list ajax scroll module automatically removes pagination with the help of AJAX, which enhances user experience and search rankings.

  • Page Reloads

    The Ajax application loads products instantly to avoid an entire page reload, so that your customers do not have to wait for the products to appear on the catalog page.


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Reviews & Ratings
  • it helps

    quote yes it does help when it come to a large catalogue ... speeds up things and visitors find what they are looking for faster. Result: more sales quote

    Read more
    by: conor on 6/27/2012
  • I Love Ajax

    quote Ajax just makes things so easier and light (if done the right way). A low over head extension made product more accessible to my customers. quote

    Read more
    by: Asad on 4/28/2012
  • Great extension!!! Works very well on the category pages.

    quote I have been following visitor movements and since i have installed this i've had visitors find what they were looking for faster quote

    Read more
    by: Umusu on 3/16/2012

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