Magento Ajax Add to Cart (2.0.0)

Give customers the ability to add your products to cart without refreshing the page with Magento AJAX Add to Cart extension. This module saves the customers’ time by allowing them to collectively purchase products without any delay or refreshing the page. It adds the item to the cart while customers are still browsing for more items. You can also enable other useful features in Magento quick add to cart module such as dialogue box, display related products and animations to facilitate your customers. FME Magento Ajax Add to Cart is duly recognized by the Magento marketplace.
  • Key Features

    • Ajax Based “Add To Cart” & Checkout Process
    • Customize Ajax Loading Image & Text
    • Product Image Fly To Cart Effect
    • Show Related Products On “Add To Cart” Popup

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  • Free Lifetime Support

    Free Lifetime Support

  • 45 Days Moneyback Guarantee

    45 Days Moneyback Guarantee

  • Free Lifetime Upgrades

    Free Lifetime Upgrades

  • Meet Magento Standards

    Meet Magento Standards

  • 100% Open Source

    100% Open

  • 2 minutes Installation

    2 minutes Installation


Powerful Features of Magento Ajax Cart Extension

  • Ajax Loading Text & Image

    You can show custom message and image for the Ajax Loading Process depending on your requirements.

  • Show Related Products

    Display related products on continue dialogue box to facilitate customers into buying more products from your stores.

  • Product Fly To Cart

    Show flying animation of the product when being added to cart for better user experience

  • Customize Add To Cart Popup

    Magento AJAX cart extension allows you to adjust the settings of Cart Popup to show timer and continue shopping button for customer convenience

  • Configurable Product Options

    Allow customers to configure products such as order, size, color and other variable elements from the popup/listing page as well.

  • Ajax Based Header Cart

    Customers can open the Header Cart on the top right to view their added products in case of making immediate changes

Magento AJAX Shopping Cart - A Must Have Extension

It is a useful Ajax based extension that immediately adds items to the cart and reduces loading time.

  • Reduces Page Reloads

    By adding AJAX cart in Magento to your website you cut down the average reload time which helps in keeping the visitor bounce rate to a low level

  • Enhanced User Experience

    It enhances user experience with several aspects. It allows customers to add products to cart while remaining on the same page, view their added products through Cart header, and edit product specification on cart page.

  • Improve Conversions by Quick Add to Cart

    Less loading time and enhanced user experience invite more visitors which boosts conversions on your website.

Customize Ajax Loading Text & Image

Customizable options in AJAX add to cart Magento extension allows you to change the text and image for Loading message.

  • Enable Progress Dialog

    Show the progress box to keep the customers engaged. This makes sure the customer doesn’t abandon the cart and continues to shop from your store.

  • Customize Ajax Progress Image & Text

    You can show an attractive text message on the progress box and add and image according to the layout of your website.

Continue Shopping Dialog in Magento AJAX Cart?

Customers can keep adding your products to the cart or proceed to the checkout page to complete the purchase.

  • Enable / Disable Continue Shopping Dialog / Popup to allow customers to remain on the page.
  • Show Related Products in Continue Shopping Dialog to boost your sales.
  • Configure Continue Shopping Popup duration. You can adjust the time for customer convenience.

Multiple Animation Effects

Add to cart AJAX Magento extension allows you to show multiple animation effects to give better user experience to your customers

  • Enable Product Image Fly To Cart

    Allow product images to fly to Cart when customers purchase products.

  • Effect For My Cart & Wishlist Sidebar

    You can select fade or slide effect on cart sidebar to increase your website appeal.

Options for Configurable Products

Customers can edit configurable options on listing pages.

  • Allow customers to make changes to the configurable options such as size and color on the listing pages without moving to other page or refreshing the current page

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Reviews & Ratings (8)
  • Quantity wrong

    quote Can't select more than 1 product in the catalog, but only once i enter in the product quote

    Read more
    by: Kolindo on 12/30/2016
  • Responsive

    quote Added a new feature to our store cart. extension works well & is completely responsive.
    recommended quote

    Read more
    by: ginxo on 11/30/2015
  • Super add to cart

    quote The extension not work from the first time ,but support was excelent ,they work hard and resolve all the problems.
    Source: Magento Connect quote

    Read more
    by: gigelut on 9/5/2014
  • A must have

    quote I like this extension but i wish i didn't have so much customisation on my store. Did not work when i installed on my own so had to get help from Support. They did get it working fast enough. I still would like them to have an extension that works out of the box no matter how customised magento is. Good Luck Z quote

    Read more
    by: nikko on 5/14/2014
  • Module Works!

    quote Works and works very well. Wish i had found it before. The support i got from these guys made me come back for more magento modules from FME quote

    Read more
    by: Victor on 5/2/2013
  • Great extension with good support

    quote Great extension which does exactly what is described. In my case the support team even did (paid) customization, very fast and reliable!
    Not the cheapest extension - but great support and works fine!!!!
    Source: Magento Connect quote

    Read more
    by: werk26 : I'm a merchant, I useCommunity on 4/26/2013
  • worth every penny

    quote Need to get more products in the cart get this baby. Will cover the price of this extension in a day. Its the best. quote

    Read more
    by: bjol on 8/27/2012
  • Nicely Done

    quote A very nice addition to our site. Increased our sales :) Always happy about it. quote

    Read more
    by: virgo on 8/21/2012

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