Add Products To CMS (1.4.0)

Add Products to Magento CMS Extension lets you add products to CMS pages like About us, Contact US etc. By exposing your products this way you get more visitors on more products. This CMS plugin makes your CMS page a great source of marketing and conversions. The Magento extension uses Magento Pricing Rules with which you can define which products should appear on CMS pages such as based on color criteria, SKU, and other product attributes.


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This Magento CMS Extension lets you easily add products in CMS pages such as About US, Contact US, Customer service etc. with the help of shopping cart price rules. Why would you opt for this? The reason is simple you are getting an extra mile. CMS pages are mostly filled up only with text; this addon gives you an opportunity to generate sales from these pages. So you are making advertisement and getting benefits from your own website in a way you have never done it before

You can configure rules which will automatically add product block to CMS page, for this purpose we have overridden Shopping cart price rules in Magento to extend the functionality. Create simple or complex rules based on your requirements. See “How it Works section” or click on demo to learn more about the rules management.

Key Benefits - Magento Add Block to CMS Page

  • Get products added to cart from CMS pages.
  • Get more clicks and conversions by utilizing CMS Product Pages
  • Supports all products, “Search CMS pages” functionality included
  • Expose those products which normally would not get much attention.
  • Create and set unlimited shopping cart rules. Products will be displayed on CMS pages based on these rules
  • Apply Cart Rules on multiple categories
  • “Search CMS Pages” feature allows visitors to search for any product on CMS page
  • Magento Links to CMS pages get more worth for your store now with Add Products to CMS Pages module.
  • Relinquishes you from the worry to add products manually on CMS pages.
  • Hassle-free admin panel, no advanced skills required to run and manage
  • Free Support and Troubleshooting
  • 100% advanced programming techniques utilized
    • Click on Demo to learn more about all features, please visit FAQ section for inquiries or contact us without any hesitation.

      General Features - Magento Link to CMS Page

      • SUPEE-6788 Compatible
      • 100% OpenSource
      • Multi-Store Supported
      • Multi-Language Supported
      • Install Guide with Easy to follow steps
      • User Guide to help you utilize and understand the extension
      • Lifetime Support Free Support

How It Works:

To use this extension, you need to visit CMS pages from the admin panel. Select your desired page, once the page is loaded you will find new tab on the left column named as “Conditions”. Use this tab to define rules and conditions which will display products on that page at the bottom just like cross sells and up sells.

How to Use Conditions:

  • We have overridden Magento’s catalog promotion rules functionality. Now you can easily create countless rules with great many conditions. You can also combine these conditions to make much stronger rule.
  • You can create multiple conditions by clicking on plus sign and similarly remove any by clicking on cross sign
  • The underlined text can be customized like if you click on True you will find a drop down appear on its place from where you can select other options
  • Once you click on plus sign to create new condition for this rule, you will find a drop down with available product attributes. Once you click on any attribute its corresponding options will appear so that you can apply further checks


  • From this section you can enable or disable this Magento Extension easily.
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  • For the NoN Technical

    quote I am absolutely non-technical but have learnt my way around Magento ... Needed to add some products to a CMS page that we have on our store and i was able to do it myself with this extension. quote

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    by: Luke on 3/24/13

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