Add Products To CMS (1.4.0)

With Magento Add Products to CMS extension, you can display store items on different content pages like Home and About Us to monetize the free space and grab customer attention. Set multiple rules for products to automatically display on CMS pages to achieve higher conversion rate through increased and targeted traffic.
  • Key Features

    • Show Products On About, Contact & Other CMS Pages
    • Display Selective Products On Each CMS Page
    • Add Multiple Conditions To Attach Selective Products

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Powerful Features of Magento Add Products to CMS Extension

  • Show Products On CMS Pages

    You can show products on the home, About Us and other CMS pages to grab customers' attention.

  • Add Multiple Conditions

    Add multiple conditions that define the kind of products that needs to be displayed on each CMS page.

  • Show Selective Products Only

    With the help of multiple conditions, you can display particular products on CMS pages.

Display Products On CMS Pages

Magento CMS products extension allows you to showcase products on CMS pages which ensure higher traffic and conversion rates.

  • Display On Any CMS Page

    You can showcase products on any of the CMS pages so that users from the most viewed and active pages can be attracted towards products.

  • Show Selective Products

    Set conditions to display selective products on CMS pages, so that the users interact with the most relevant products.

Features & Configuration Options

Configure settings to avail the following features of this extension.

  • Allow customers to view products on CMS pages and add them to cart.
  • Showcase the poorly performing products on the home and about us pages.
  • Set conditions for products to appear on CMS pages automatically, so that you do not have to specify products one by one.
  • Customers can search all the products that are listed on CMS pages via a search box.
  • Configure SEO settings to enhance online visibility of CMS pages and the products.
  • You can select a theme and custom design for alluring looks of each content page.
  • Assign a content page with a store view, so that customers can read it in a local language.
  • Enable or disable status of each page for quick and hassle free management.
  • Enter a title and URL key for each page to make it distinct from others.
  • With the help of WYSIWYG editor, you can format the text of the pages as well.

Merchant Benefits

Add product to CMS pages Magento extension helps you to exhibit products to the readers who are interested in visiting CMS pages. Following are some of the traits you enjoy after its quick installation.

  • You can monetize CMS pages by displaying products and utilize the space for endorsement of different store items.
  • By setting conditions, you can bring those products into the limelight that are getting less customer attention.
  • Get more traffic from CMS pages that result in a higher conversion rate.

Customer Benefits

Add Products to CMS page is a step ahead to assist customers in finding products that often go missing in their search. Following are some of the advantages they get after you install this extension.

  • Allow your customers to add products to cart from the CMS pages rather than spending hours on searching for the same.
  • The rules you define for products to appear on the Home and About Us pages helps customers to quickly find relevant products.

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  • For the NoN Technical

    quote I am absolutely non-technical but have learnt my way around Magento ... Needed to add some products to a CMS page that we have on our store and i was able to do it myself with this extension. quote

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    by: Luke on 3/24/2013

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