Size Charts for Magento® 2 (1.0.0)

Magento 2 Size Chart extension help you create and display product size charts so your customers can buy the perfect size they are looking for. You can customize the size chart, assign them to specific products, restrict them to store views and create rules to control their display to specific products. You can also set their display via pop-up or through separate product tab.
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  • Key Features

    • Create & Customize Size Charts for Products
    • Set Conditions to Assign Size Charts to Specific Products
    • Upload a Size Guide Image & Add Chart Data
    • Display Size Chart in a Tab or Popup
    • Restrict Size Charts to Store Views
    • Import Chart Data

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Powerful Features of Magento 2 Size Chart

  • Create Unlimited Size Charts

    You can create and customize an unlimited number of size charts for categories, products, and its attributes.

  • Define Catalog Rules for Charts

    Create rules to display Size Charts on specific products. You can set restriction by product attributes.

  • Provide Size Chart Data

    You can either upload an image that displays product sizing guide or configure the data in rows and columns.

  • Personalize Size Chart Display

    Select the size chart to be shown as a popup or in a separate tab. You can also configure the styling of chart header and the body.

  • Assign Size Charts to Store Views

    Choose Store Views for each Size chart to restrict users of other store views from viewing the sizing guide.

  • Import Chart Data

    With this Magento 2 size guide extension, you can import data from another source via a CSV file to quickly configure it in your store.

Create Multiple Customizable Size Charts

With Magento 2 Size Guide extension you can now create and customize unlimited number of Size Charts for your catalog. You can personalize charts with the following options.

  • Add New Size Charts
  • Specify Size Chart Name
  • Set a Priority
  • Enable or Disable the Chart
  • Upload Image for Size Chart
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Create Rules to Add Size Charts to Specific Products

To show size guide only for specific products, you can create rules and apply conditions to automate its display for selected items. You can,

  • Choose a condition with respect to product attribute
  • Create a combination of rules for a size chart
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Add Chart Data or Import Size Charts

To facilitate easy addition of charts, you can import all your chart data through CSV file for each row and column.

  • Add Chart Data and customize rows and column labels/li>
  • Import Size Chart Data with a Click using CSV file
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Custom Design Size Chart With Style Selection

To complement the product display theme, you can accordingly customize the size chart header and body of sizing guide.

  • Configure Size Chart Header Styling

    You can change font size, font color, and background color of the size chart header.

  • Customize Size Chart Body

    Select a custom font size, font color, and background color for the body of sizing guide.

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Show the Size Chart in a Popup or a Separate Tab

This feature helps customers to view size guide in pop-up view or in a separate product tap. You can set either depending on your product page structure and personal preferences.

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Restrict Size Charts to Selected Store Views

By restricting size chart display to specific store views, you can prevent customers from other regions to see your product size guides. As the size guide may vary for different regions.

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Merchant Benefits

  • With size chart popup extension, merchants can show sizing information in the product copy to help customers understand size dimensions and increase purchases.
  • Merchants can save their valuable time by importing all their size chart data through CSV file instead of adding them individually.
  • Most importantly, this significantly reduces product returns that are a result of mistaken sizes.

Customer Benefits

  • Customers can find their perfect size from charts such as clothing size chart and rest assured after making their purchase.
  • A detailed sizing chart shows the product dimensions in rows and columns so there no chance of error.
  • Customization features for size chart color, font and background creates a special appeal which improves user experience.
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