Order Attributes for Magento 2 (1.0.0)

Magento 2 Order Attributes extension helps you gather additional information from customers by simply adding custom fields on checkout page. Add fields to any checkout step to collect specific information from customers that you need for various marketing & operational purposes. You can add text attribute, text area, date, and options with Yes/no, multi-select, drop-down, radio button, and checkbox and restrict these attributes to specific products, categories, customer groups, store views and checkout steps. Compatible with One page checkout.
  • Key Features

    • Add Custom Attributes to Checkout Page
    • Add 10 Types of Custom Fields
    • Manage Field Position on Checkout Page
    • Enable Data Validation
    • Show Additional Attributes in Email & PDF
    • Restrict Attributes to Customer Groups & Store Views
    • Display Attributes When A Specific Product Is Available in Cart

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Add Customizable Attributes to Checkout Page

With Magento 2 custom order attributes extension, you can create additional order fields to collect valuable data of your customers during checkout process.

FME Magento Extensions

Display Attributes on a Specific Checkout Page

To get customer data related to a specific stage of checkout process, you can add order attributes on that checkout step. You can add them on stages such as;

  • Billing address
  • Shipping Address
  • Shipping Method
  • Payment or Review Step

You can also use it with One Step Checkout extension.

FME Magento Extensions

Select From 10 Different Attribute Types

With Magento 2 Add Custom Attribute to Order extension, you can add 10 types of custom fields to create a detailed form and obtain necessary data from your customers. You can select,

  • Text Area
  • Text Field
  • Text Editor
  • Yes/No
  • Date
  • Multi-Select
  • Radio Button
  • Dropdown
  • Checkbox
  • Message
FME Magento Extensions

Setup Input Validation to Acquire Accurate Data

Use input validation for your custom attributes. To give your customers the privilege of saving or printing the information they have entered on checkout page, you can show the form data in email & PDF invoices. Validations can include,

  • Integer
  • Decimal number
  • URL
  • Email
  • Letters – Alphabets
  • Alphanumeric - Letters (a-z, A-Z) or Numbers (0-9)
FME Magento Extensions

Display Custom Attributes in Emails & PDF's

To give your customer the privilege of saving or printing the information they have entered checkout page, you can show the form data email invoice and enable PDF download for the form.

FME Magento Extensions

Display Custom Attributes Data in My Account

You can also facilitate your customers to view custom attributes data in ‘My Account’ section. This helps customers remember what they have entered.

FME Magento Extensions

Restrict Attributes by Store Views & Customer Groups

Manage the visibility of your custom order attribute based on specific store views and customer groups. Customers only from allowed store views and groups will be able to view attributes on checkout page.

FME Magento Extensions

Sort Order of Additional Checkout Attributes

Decide the placement of your additional attributes on checkout page. You can manage the attribute order based on preference and priority of required information.

FME Magento Extensions

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