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Minimum Order Feefor Magento 2


Maintain a good order value and have a better profit margin using Magento 2 Minimum Order Fee extension. It allows you to incur a fixed or percentage fee on customers who do not meet the minimum order amount and display a custom message. Set advanced conditions to take the extension to the next level.

  • Charge a fee on low cart subtotal
  • Charge a fixed fee or percentage of the cart total
  • Specify the minimum order fee
  • Display a custom warning message
  • Refund the fee on order cancellation
  • Set priority for each rule
  • Specify date range for the restriction
  • Restrict to specific store views/customer groups
  • Set advanced conditions
  • Display surcharge on multiple pages
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  • Charge Fee & Display Message
  • General Configurations
  • Draft Warning Message
  • Specify Fee Type, Amount & Rule Priority
  • Specify Date Range
  • Select Store Views & Customer Groups
  • Set Condition
  • Manage Orders from Grid
Charge Fee & Display Message
Charge Fee & Display Message
General Configurations
General Configurations
Draft Warning Message
Draft Warning Message
Specify Fee Type, Amount & Rule Priority
Specify Fee Type, Amount & Rule Priority
Specify Date Range
Specify Date Range
Select Store Views & Customer Groups
Select Store Views & Customer Groups
Set Condition
Set Condition
Manage Orders from Grid
Manage Orders from Grid


Increase Order Value

Warn customers of the additional fee they can avoid by raising their order subtotal.

Have a Better Profit Margin

Cover your high shipping or packing costs in case of low order by incurring a fee.

Maintain a Lower Inventory

Have a lower MOQ and reduce your inventory level, freeing up cash, and holding cost.


Charge a Fee on Low Order Amount

The primary purpose of the extension is to persuade customers to increase their order value or else bear a fee. You can charge them extra if their order subtotal does not meet a specified minimum order amount.

Charge a Fixed or Percentage Fee

The extension allows you to charge the fee in one of two ways.

  • Fixed: This option will charge a fixed amount no matter how less the order value is than the minimum order value.
  • Percentage: This option will take the specified order fee and calculate it as a percentage of the cart subtotal.

Specify a Minimum Order Fee

Specify the fixed or percentage fee you want to incur on customers who fail to reach the minimum order amount.

Display a Custom Warning Message

You can draft a message that should adequately inform customers about the additional fee and what they should do (if possible) to avoid the fee.

Refund the Fee on Order Cancellation

A customer or merchant can cancel an order after it has been placed. In such a case, the surcharge that came with the order should be refunded. Select ‘Yes’ if you want to refund it after the order has been canceled.

Set Priority for Each Rule

If you have created more than 1 rules, you can determine which rule should be executed first by giving each rule a number. 0 has the highest priority.

Set a Date Range

The extension allows you to specify a date range for the restriction. This comes in handy when you want to enforce the minimum order fee for a specific duration. The rule will not be valid before the start date or after the end date.

Apply to All or Specific Store Views/Customer Groups

This feature allows you to apply the rule to specific store views and customer groups while exempting others. For example, you may want only wholesalers to buy more than the minimum amount and not retailers. You can do so by selecting ‘Wholesale’ and leaving ‘Retailer’ unselected.

Set Advanced Conditions

What makes this Magento 2 minimum order fee extension standout is its ability to use many cart and product attributes to trigger a rule. Suppose your shipping cost to a specific country is relatively higher, you can cover it by charging customers a little extra that specify that country as a shipping destination.

Display Order Fee on Multiple Pages

Customers can see the extra fee on the following pages.

  • Cart page
  • Checkout page
  • My account order view page
  • Emails & PDFs

More features

  • Enable/Disable any particular rule
  • Give a custom title to the order fee charged
  • 100% GDPR compliant

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Happy With It

Glad I chose FME over others. The extension is a good fit for my business needs. Encountered no errors and hence no disappointment.



Works Well

The module is straightforward and works just fine. Recommended!


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