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Duplicate Categoriesfor Magento 2


Simplify your store management with Magento 2 Duplicate Category extension. It allows you to create an exact same copy of a parent or child category in a single click along with products and catalog rules.

  • Duplicate parent & child categories with a click
  • Duplicate categories along with product relations
  • Customize copied categories with search & replace
  • Copy parent & subcategories rules
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  • Copy Category or Sub-category
  • Duplicate using CLI
  • Duplication Settings
  • Search & Replace
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  • Duplicated Category in Back end
  • Product Relations Maintained
Copy Category or Sub-category
Copy Category or Sub-category
Duplicate using CLI
Duplicate using CLI
Duplication Settings
Duplication Settings
Search & Replace
Search & Replace
CLI Code
CLI Code
Duplicated Category in Back end
Duplicated Category in Back end
Product Relations Maintained
Product Relations Maintained


Create Multi-store Fast

Creating multi-stores or private shops is made simpler with duplicate categories extensions as all you need to do is replicating from your existing store.

Better Store Management

Customizing catalog with simple duplicate features empower you to better manage the parent or child categories along with rules and relation.

Error-free Category Creation

Duplicating categories with a single click reduces human involvement in the process that leads to low risk of errors and omissions.


Copy Parent or Subcategories With a Single Click

Stop spending time on creating duplicate categories in Magento 2 manually. This plugin makes your life easier by letting you effortlessly create another copy of an entire category along with the products it contains.

Hassle Free Category Management

Instead of creating similar categories multiple times and adding the products again to the new category, you can simply duplicate one category into many.

Duplicate Selective Sub-categories

Subcategories of a parent category can also be duplicated when you create its copy. If you wish not to duplicate a certain sub-category, just uncheck them during the process. It's as simple as that.

For example, you can copy 4 out of 10 subcategories while duplicating the parent category.

Copy Categories with Product Relations

This Magento 2 Copy Category module lets you maintain product relations just as they were in the original category. However, if you wish to exclude product relations when copying, just uncheck the option and the category or subcategory will be duplicated with no products attached to it.

Personalize the Categories with Text Replace Option

With an easy "Search" and "Replace" option, you can make changes to the name, description, and meta data of the categories you recreate from the existing ones.

For example, if you want to replace the word "Tights" with "Yoga Pants" in the duplicated category, you can do this easily. Just find the word "Tights" and replace it with "Yoga Pants" while copying and you are good to go.

Copy Rules Created for Categories & Subcategories

To avoid re-configuring rules for a category you are re-creating, this extension copies the category into a new one without changing its preset rules.

Duplicate Categories in Matter of Seconds Using CLI Method

Magento 2 Duplicate Category Extension lets you use CLI method for a faster & safer duplication. View user guide to learn the step by step procedure of copying categories with CLI.

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No Better Alternative

I can guarantee you there are no better alternatives to this module. The implementation worked properly out of the box. The code quality is super and many MVC and Magento core coding principles and standards are properly followed. Code and logic looks fresh. There's no way that it breaks at some point in the future.



I strongly recommend it

I would like to thank you guys for this very handy tool. I used to do this manually for experimental purposes which would take a lot of my time. This tool so simplified it. I would strongly recommend it as it is worth the price.



Helpful & Time Saving

A very helpful & time saving module. Worth the price keeping in view the ease it brings.


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