Layaway - Partial Payments for Magento® 2 (1.0.0)

Magento 2 Layaway Pricing extension facilitates the users of your website in purchasing items on installments. You can setup layaway pricing for specific or all of the products on your store. Define a down payment, total installments, and duration to create a layaway pricing plan. Charge a layaway fee. The users can view the payment detail on the 'Add to Cart' page, before purchase, and view layaway orders & remaining installments from the my account, after the purchase.
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Regular Price: $299.99

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  • Key Features

    • Sell Products Configurable Installment Plans
    • Configure Down-Payment, no. of Installments & Intervals
    • Charge Layaway Fee per Order or Product
    • Add Global or Product Specific Layaway Plans
    • Add Custom Labels to Layaway Options
    • Allow Customers to Review ‘Layaway Orders’ in Detail

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Powerful Features of Magento 2 Partial Payment

  • Allow Partial Payments on your store

    Incorporate layaway pricing for the products and services on your store. Let the customers choose either to pay in full or in parts.

  • Charge Layaway Fee

    Charge additional fee to customers for availing partial payment option. It helps you increase revenue by adding an amount to the entire order or each product in the cart.

  • Setup down-payment and installment plans

    Set a fixed or percentage amount for down payment to let the customers know the first deposit they have to make and the number of installments.

  • Global and Product specific layaway Pricing

    Configure layaway pricing to global for applying them to all the products in your catalog. You can enable or disable partial payments for specific products as well.

  • Charge Layaway Fee per Order or Product

    You can levy an extra fee for partial payments, either on each order or product. Charging extra per product will increase the invoice amount in total.

  • Layaway Orders Section for Customers

    Your customers can review their purchases in the 'Layaway Orders' section of their user accounts, and get to know the remaining amount and the number of installments.

Add Global Layaway Plans

Magento 2 Layaway extension allows you to enable layaway plan for your entire store through global settings.

  • Specify a percentage of the product price as down payment
  • Allow maximum period for installments
  • Allow initial deposit calculation before discount
  • Select Layaway fee charge Mode
  • Define number of installment
  • Add maximum installment period
  • Enter product specific Layaway fee
FME Magento Extensions

Add Product Specific Layaway Plans

With Magento 2 partial payment extension, you can set up detailed partial payment plans for each product.

Checkout this step by step tutorial to configure Global & Product specific Layaway plans in Magento 2 - Click here.

FME Magento Extensions

Configure Layaway Fee Mode

Partial payment extension for Magento 2 enables you to charge an additional fee. The fee can be defined by "per product" or "per order".

  • Layaway Fee Per Product

    You can configure layaway fee per product. If you set $12 as layaway fee & customer adds 2 products to cart, the total layaway fee will be $24.

  • Layaway Fee Per Order

    This feature allows you to set layaway fee per order (all the products) in the cart. If you set $12 as layaway fee & customer adds 2 products to cart, the layaway fee will be $12.

FME Magento Extensions

Configure Layaway Deposit

Magento 2 Partial Payment extension allows you to configure initial deposit amount for layaway orders. Following are the configuration options for Deposit amount.

  • Set deposit in fixed or percentage amount
  • Allow initial deposit calculation before/after any discount
FME Magento Extensions

Specify the Number of Installments and Payment Period

Magento 2 split payment extension enables merchants to define maximum number of installments for each layaway plan.

  • Configure Installment Period

    You can define an installment period in months, weeks, days, or year to let the customers know the maximum duration by which he or she can pay the amount.

FME Magento Extensions

Select Payment Methods for Layaway Pricing

You can configure general settings that primarily include allowing specific payment methods for the installment plans.

  • Allow Payment Methods

    The payment methods configured on your eCommerce website appears in a multi-select menu to help you allow any one or all of them for the layaway plan.

FME Magento Extensions

Manage Layaway Orders

Customers can view all the layaway orders in a separate tab in account dashboard. Customer can view all layaway orders along with information like order number, date, status, order total amount and remaining amount.

FME Magento Extensions

Show Layaway Order Details in "My Account"

Magento 2 Layaway Pricing extension creates a dedicated section in the user accounts that is labeled as 'Layaway Orders' to let the customers review each order in detail. Customers can view the following details;

  • Complete order details
  • The remaining amount of the payment plan
  • The installment history
  • The number of installments paid
  • The maximum number of partial payments
  • Remaining number of payments
  • Allowed duration to pay the remaining amount
  • The deadline to pay all the installments
FME Magento Extensions

Display Layaway Details on Add to Cart

Magento 2 Layaway pricing extension displays the payment plan on 'Add to Cart' page to make sure the buyer read, understand, and Checkout accordingly.

FME Magento Extensions

Customize Layaway Labels for Better Usability

You can add custom labels to various options to ensure the users understand each one of them. Modify labels of the following fields.

  • Layaway
  • Layaway Remaining Balance
  • Installment
  • Layaway Fee
  • Product page drop-down menu
FME Magento Extensions

More Features

  • Enable checking out multiple layaway products
  • Allow down-payments to be calculated before or after the discounts
  • Add layaway fee to purchases either on the order or product by product basis to increase store revenue

Merchant Benefits

  • Partial Payment Magento 2 extension grabs user attention and makes them review their favorite products on layaway pricing. It ultimately improves user engagement
  • It encourages the users in continuing shopping without worrying about paying the price in full. Thus, you achieve a higher rate of conversions.
  • The addition of layaway fee to products or orders brings more revenue to your online store, in addition to the product sales.

Customer Benefits

  • With layaway pricing, your customers can get all the expensive products without paying the price in full. The price spreads over the duration and number of installments.
  • Magento Partial Payment extension displays a complete payment plan right on the 'Add to Cart' page to let the customer decide either to go with the purchases or not.
  • Customers can review all the detail from the 'Layaway Orders' section of their user's accounts. They can get to know the amount and installments that are paid or still remaining.
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Reviews & Ratings
  • Unique Extension

    quote I was looking for a product specific layaway fee extension and this extension resolved my problem. Now I can easily configure different product specific layaway plan with different layaway fee. quote

    Read more
    by: Dilshaw on 1/15/2019
  • User-Friendly

    quote Easy & perfect order and installment management system. The flow of the product installments payment is very user-friendly. quote

    Read more
    by: Brandon on 12/14/2018
  • Excellent Extension

    quote Excellent Extension, specially the global & product specific layaway plan is a good feature. Saved a lot of time while completing the client project. quote

    Read more
    by: commtech on 12/4/2018
  • Great Extension

    quote Was looking for an extension to configure layaway fee per order and this extension has this feature. thumbs up!! quote

    Read more
    by: Pay on 7/19/2018
  • Very Flexible

    quote A very flexible extension having lots of features to sell products in installments. Easy configuration for separate products and global layaway plans. quote

    Read more
    by: eComm Gateway on 7/9/2018
  • Excellent extension

    quote A very good extension to sell products in installments and generate more revenue by charging a layaway fee. Easy installation. quote

    Read more
    by: Subaru on 6/27/2018

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