Top 12 Magento Extensions that Every Magento Store Needs

Top 12 Magento Extensions that Every Magento Store Needs
Choosing the top 12 Magento extensions is not easy. There are hundreds of useful Magento extensions, each with its own unique functionality. What extensions you need for your Magento store depend upon your store’s requirements and your own preferences. One extension that is vital for one Magento store might not hold that much importance for another. Based upon the popularity and usefulness, we have compiled the following list of top 12 Magento extensions.

1. Magento One Step Checkout

Magento one step checkout allows you to set your extensive 6-page checkout into a compact and user friendly Magento one page checkout process.


The functionality is refined because of the AJAX based loading feature due to which the checkout gives uncompromised speed to the users and prevent any page delays by instantly loading fields without refreshing the entire page.Moreover, the mobile friendly design makes it easy for customers to checkout while on the move anywhere around the house, workplace or out of the city.


  • It comes with a whole lot of features, some of which are, Information about customer sources by enabling field to find where your customers have heard about your store like Newspaper, Friends etc.
  • Enable option on Magento one step checkout page to allow new customers to register while filling in their information to purchase your products.
  • Changing the Magento one step checkout page theme allows you to style buttons customize headings for tabs and personalize colors for tab’s background.
  • All Magento payment gateways are supported in this one page checkout Magento extension.
  • Online Demo for an instant view of the product features.

2. Magento Store Locator

Magento store locator allows your customers to find the nearest physical location of your Magento store.


Easy to use and powered with Google Maps integration. Magento store locator extension automatically detects current customer location and also provides driving directions to the store destination.


The Highlighting features are,
  • Store locator Magento detects the location of the customer through Google API; it provides convenience to the users by instantly providing address and best directions instead of forcing customers to find it themselves through search.
  • Advance search options allow customers to search for stores locations by entering product name, store name or other credentials.
  • Products can be added to the store locations so that customers can search for them according to their preferred choice of product.
  • Make your store more prominent by adding a custom image as map marker on Google Maps to represent your stores.
  • SEO Ranking Options are provided such as you can add custom Meta titles, keywords and descriptions for enhanced search engine rankings. The extension also allows you to add a suffix to the URL.

3. Magento Events Calendar

Magento Events calendar is a powerful extension for events that enables merchants to post upcoming events and sell tickets online.


The Magento events extension is great in terms of functionality. It provides users with the address of the venue using Google Maps, display events in a calendar, and much more.


Some of the features include,
  • Create events and sell tickets online. You can also display a custom message in case of event expiry, sold out tickets, or any other circumstances.
  • Customers can find all the necessary information from contact person, phone number, fax number, email and address etc.
  • Add media files to increase engagement on your events page. You can embed videos from popular video streams such as YouTube and Vimeo etc.
  • To improve craw-ability rank higher in search engines you can add Meta title, Keywords and Description for every specific event.
  • As a merchant, you can customize events pages according to your preferences, manage events with a time specific deadline and create repetition mechanisms for automated cycles.
  • Magento events manager provides a hassle free shopping experience by buying tickets and costumers can view each and every detail on the website

4. Magento Photo Gallery

Magento Photo Gallery extension allows you to display your product images and other pictures in a separate Magento image gallery page as well as under product pages.


It is an ideal tool for your Magento store that offers light box, adding multiple images and auto play interval configuration for blocks for an optimum user experience.


  • With Magento photo gallery you can create unlimited photo galleries and show trending products and other pictures in them.
  • Saves time by adding images in batch operation instead of waiting for each image to upload and follow with the next one.
  • Optimize SEO description & keywords, Limit no. of images per page and enter custom text for pagination button.
  • Allows you to place your visual content on CMS pages for better visibility.
  • Customize title and description for each block and a small description can be added to the album to help users and search engines.
  • As a merchant, you automatically increase the value of your content by images, and block customization settings allows you to exhibit product images on CMS pages with useful features.
  • For costumers, images speak much louder than text. This extension is full of user savvy features carefully designed to cater for customer needs as effectively as possible.

5. Magento Product Questions

Magento product questions offers comprehensive features that include all the FAQs related to general terms and offers a number of useful features that helps the customer with better UX and the merchant with better sales.


  • Magento Ask a Question Form is a useful feature when users like asking personalized questions that are not present in the FAQs.
  • One of the most useful functionalities of Magento product question includes FAQ block.
  • Merchants can set their own themes according to their web design or personal preferences from 5 themes.
  • One of the best things about this Magento FAQs extension is that customers can rate, like and reply to FAQs. 
  • This extension generates an email notification each time a customer interacts with the store or its FAQs.
  • The search box feature and FAQs block are highly useful and give a great deal of convenience of the customers when searching for answers on the website.

6. Magento CSV Based Pricing

Magento CSV pricing module helps your store acquire the functionality of calculating price of area based products. The accuracy of Magento price table goes into decimals and allows your users to calculate the prices of smaller sized products.


  • Magento CSV based pricing allows you to label rows and columns of your pricing matrix as well. You can set labels depending on your needs and upload it onto your store to activate the sheet.
  • The Global / Product specific CSVs help you to apply your custom pricing matrix on single or multiple products.
  • Magento price table allows user to acquire the pricing of smaller sized products in fractions or decimals for better accuracy in pricing. When the user enters their measurement infractions the extension validates it and shows the price according to precise amount required.
  • This extension saves your time by allowing you to attach a single CSV file to all products through global settings instead of creating each and every product separately.

7. Magento Language Switcher

Magento Language & Currency switcher extension switches language and currency of your store, according to the users’ location to give them a personalized shopping experience. It detects IP based location of users with the help of MaxMind database.


  • Magento Language Switcher allows you to assign a store view to a regional group or country that enables customers to make purchases in their native language.
  • Currency can also be selected for a regional group that allows customers to pay in their local currency.
  • You can redirect customers automatically to a store view or let them select manually, as they feel comfortable.
  • You can enable a prompt box in footer to communicate to the users that they can change the view and currency.
  • With Magento currency switcher, your customers can easily change store view and currency from the dropdown that appears on top of your website.

8. Magento Order Attributes

Magento order attributes allows you to add extra custom fields to order /checkout & registration pages. This extension’s comprehensive functionality allows you to assign specific attributes to products and categories. This allows you to target those customers who are purchasing the particular product.


  • Magento custom checkout fields allows you to manage registration page and account page attributes anytime from the back end.
  • Various types of fields can be added in the checkout section such as billing, payment, shipping or review order.
  • To make sure your customers get the right fields and you get the right information from them, restrict customers according to target audience. This enables you to specialize your sales according to different buyers.
  • You can acquire all sorts of information from your customers with the help of different field types.
  • To help users get a better grasp on what the field asks from them, you can assign customized label/title for them.
  • Magento custom checkout creates an opportunity for customers to express their likes and preferences through custom attributes.

9. Magento Dynamic Pricing

With Magento dynamic pricing, you can configure multiple features to get personalized pricing functionality for your store. You can configure per unit price, base price, area based pricing with discounts and custom input fields for each product.


  • The first step towards defining your configuration for variable sized product pricing, you need to set per unit price of each product. With the help of Magento price calculator, you can select the price per meter, centimeter, millimeter, foot and inch.
  • Once these basic steps have been done, the Magento price calculator extension will start validating the measurements entered by the customers to give them accurate pricing of their selected amounts.
  • Being a highly versatile extension, dynamic pricing Magento comes with 5 different units of measurement to allow merchants sell all sorts of products with smaller and bigger sizes.
  • You can also fix discounts depending on the products. It can be changed as fixed or percentage as per the preferences of the merchant.
  • Magento pricing calculation allows merchants to sell products in large quantities. By implementing attractive discounts and showing them on product pages, customers are encouraged to buy more from the store.

10. Magento Cost Price

Magento cost based pricing allows you to setup cost+ markup based pricing in your Magento store. You can create multiple price markup rules for different products & categories. With this extension you no longer need to worry about increasing or decreasing the price of your product catalog.


  • Magento percentage pricing does not only allow merchants to add markup on the cost but also allow them to set the pricing based on Cost - amount rule. This helps merchants to update the price in bulk whenever the cost price is reduced.
  • Magento cost price also allows you to create multiple markup/markdown rules according to your preferences.
  • To make sure your products can be priced on different criteria, you can set markup price as fixed or percentage of the amount depending on your pricing strategy and custom rules.
  • Using the Magento store calendar you can set specific price rules for specific occasions. To make this more accurate you can select starting time, date and ending time, date for the markup or markdown to take effect.
  • Magento markup price allows you to schedule markup and markdown prices on specific days and occasions. You can target special events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday etc.
  • Magento percentage pricing customers to purchase in bulks instead of buying individually and get favorable prices depending on the ‘type of customer’ and the region they belong to.

11. Magento Ajax Add to Cart

Magento Ajax add to cart extension allows customers to add products to cart without reloading or refreshing the page.


Magento Ajax cart enhances user’s shopping experience by allowing them to add products to cart from category pages without having to reload the page. They can add products to cart while still browsing for more items. It saves customer’s time and gives them an uninterrupted shopping experience. Ajax add to cart Magento offers some cool features which make this extension a must-have for every Magento store.


  • Magento Ajax extension allows you to add an attractive image or text while it loads the ‘Add to Cart’ page.
  • Enable progress dialog while Ajax reloads to make sure the customer does not abandon the cart.
  • Enable ‘Continue Shopping’ option to enable customers to add more products to cart right from the ‘Add to Cart’ pop up.
  • You can also display related products on ‘Add to Cart’ pop up to allure customers to go for other similar items in your store.
  • Add animation effects such as image fly effect when somebody adds a product to cart. You can also add effects to ‘My Cart’ and ‘My Wishlist’ sidebars.

12. Magento Abandoned Cart Email

Magento abandoned cart email extension helps to recover pending customers by sending them auto reminder emails about their pending checkout.


Notify your pending customers and offer them discounts on completing their order through a reminder email. Magento abandoned cart email allows you to encourage customers with abandoned cart to purchase products and get discount coupons. Utilize the following features of the extension to customize your reminder email and make it appealing.


  • Select email sender, write a custom email subject and select an email template.
  • Enable/disable discounts and set minimum order amount to get discount coupons.
  • Offer discounts in fixed amount or percentage of the total cart amount.
  • Set discount coupon validity in days.
  • Manage mute carts and unsubscribed customers.
  • Evaluate the success rate of your abandoned cart reminder campaign by reading statistical figures.
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