Restrict Shipping Based on Product & Cart Attributes in Magento 2

Restrict Shipping Based on Product & Cart Attributes in Magento 2

How To Restrict Shipping Based on Product & Cart Attributes?

There are various parameters by which Magento 2 merchants would want to restrict shipping methods. Product and cart attributes are the two common parameters. Imagine a merchant who wants to hide the ‘Cash on Delivery’ option on cart total above a specific amount. Another merchant may want to disable a specific shipping carrier for products exceeding a particular size or weight.

Shipping restrictions based on specific attributes improve the overall shipping process and reduce risks. It also makes shipping more flexible and cost effective. Here we will discuss how to restrict shipping based on product and cart attributes.

Product Based Shipping Magento 2

FME extensions Magento 2 shipping restrictions extension provides a perfect solution to put an effective & flexible shipping strategy in place for your store. The extension lets you create a big amount of shipping rules using various limitation criteria based on customers, cart and product attributes. The following image shows which attributes you can use to restrict your shipping on.

The extension allows store admins to create custom rules and apply them on all possible attributes.

How to use the Extension to Restrict Product Based Shipping?

    • After you log into the extension’s backend, go to FME Extensions -> Manage Restriction Rules.
    • On the grid, all the custom restriction rules are displayed. You can see the ID of the rules, their Name, Message, Priority, Created & Modified date and the Status in one place.
    • To create a new rule, click Add New Rule.
    • Under the Conditions tab, set the condition according to which the rule will be applied. In this case, select Product Attribute Combination in the dropdown to see all the possible product attributes and apply conditions on any of them.

Restrict Shipping Based on Cart Attribute

The extension allows restrictions on cart attributes as well. Hide shipping methods on carts with a specific amount, quantity and weight as shown below.

View demos or buy the extension.

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