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4 Highly Demanded Services Every Magento 2 Development Company Should Offer in 2020

4 Highly Demanded Services Every Magento 2 Development Company Should Offer in 2020

Magento 2 is one of the most versatile, robust, fast, and feature-rich e-commerce platforms the market has to offer. It boasts a stronger open-source architecture of PHP 5.6+/7 with HTML5 & CSS3 Native Support, offers a seamless merchant user experience, has better scalability and mobile responsiveness, and brings much more superior features to the table.

Magento 2 already has over 3,500 extensions and accounts for more than 30,000 stores internationally. With the new and improved architecture, Magento has taken special consideration in enriching the merchant experience by introducing features for streamlining B2B and B2C e-commerce for good. To top it off, Magento 2 can now support 28% more orders an hour, 48% faster checkout response time, and 66% faster add to cart speed.

As a leading Magento 2 development company, we understand the importance of Magento 2 and its role in expanding the e-commerce footprint in 2020. Fortunately, its sporadic growth has opened several promising avenues in the services industry, helping Magento 2 retailers get solutions for their store needs. In this article, we plan to share 4 of the most highly demanded Magento 2 development services that are sustainable and profitable for your company.

Magento 2 Migration Service

For most merchants letting go of their old Magento 1.9 store is a tough decision that requires careful planning and strong financials to make it successful. With June just around the corner, it becomes crucial to migrate older stores to the latest version since Magento has decided to halt all support and security updates for 1.9x versions.

With such a crisis at hand, the best course of action for a Magento company is to offer M1 to M2 migration services. This is a highly profitable pursuit and can be easily offered since almost every Magento company has a strong developer resource pool. However, certain specialized resources may be required for ensuring 100% data migration, responsiveness, or if third party integrations are the case.

With less than 2 months on the clock, merchants are already in a rush to find good agencies for their migration needs and with a little bit of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you can generate a lot of leads for this service. You can also offer affiliate and referral programs for strengthening your online footprint and getting more visibility for this service. As for your landing pages, make sure there is a stellar web copy designed by a professional writer to back up your claims.

Add key advantages of Magento 2 migration to entice your customers such as Magento 2 offers 41% reduction in development and maintenance costs and 66% improved ordering process for customers. This will help engage and easily convert merchants who are seeking a good Magento 2 migration company.

Most merchants desire a smooth transition process that is breezy and affordable, so make sure your pricing is competitive. As one of the leading Magento development companies, FME offers one of the most comprehensive and affordable M1 to M2 migration services. By choosing us you get a zero data loss guarantee, free support, and a pixel-perfect Magento 2 store.

Magento Consultancy Services

Magento stores are created every minute, and a huge percentage of these infant stores comes from entrepreneurs and startups who have little to no experience on how to manage and operate this platform. Therefore, getting consultancy from a seasoned expert is imperative to ensure the newly setup store does not spiral into a costly catastrophe.

This is where you step in, a Magento Consultancy provider. But Magento consultancy is just confined to teaching the backend interface and functionalities of Magento 2. Your consultancy services can include a broad range of services, specialties, and subspecialties that are high very high in demand in 2020. We have summarized some of the most highly sought out Magento 2 consultancy services

Business Consulting

Here you can offer consultancy regarding the particular business model that the merchant would like to pursue through Magento Platform. you can offer professional advice and a road map to how Magento’s features can help in achieving those business goals more effectively.

Planning and Assessment

Through careful planning and strategic supervision of expert Magento developers, you can set up a team to assess and plan the requirements of the client on the exact scale they want their operations. This may require a collaborative effort from the merchant’s business team and your Magento consultancy experts.

Strategy Building and Implementation

Quite similar to planning and assessment, strategy planning includes the input of some additional resources to help Magento 2 retailers in building different e-commerce communications, digital marketing, content, and navigation strategies for their store. While it requires hiring dedicated Magento e-commerce strategists for adhering Magento’s development standards, the return is highly promising.

Site Structure Analysis

This consultancy service includes on-site assistance through a solutions architect to improve website performance and achieve a competitive in the market. Its sub-specialties such as Code-Audit and SEO-Audit are some of the most highly paid and highly demanded jobs that very few companies are offering. You can easily enter this niche with the right resource and services model.

Health & Performance Review

This collects and reviews daily performance statistics and generates reports in real-time to offer key insights about the site and how it is faring daily. This helps the merchant remain informed, learn about the weak areas, and make necessary improvements.

Magento 2 Extension Development

While Magento offers a plethora of extensions for merchants, extension development is a very important need for store owners that have unique products or services to offer. Since they have special needs, they require special functionalities to supplement their workflow and streamline their e-commerce operations more effectively. It is again one of the most highly demanded services in the market and comes with a very enticing profit margin for service providers. By offering dedicated extension development services you can significantly improve the overall performance of an online business, from boosting its traffic to store pages and making them more engaging, to increasing its conversion rates and generating higher sales leads.

Usually, a development agency such as FME extensions specializes in this domain and offers solutions specifically around the client's business activity, industry, and goals. Typically, extensions are required for

  • Systematically Managing Content
  • Improving Site Administration
  • Organizing Media Catalogs
  • Enhancing the Checkout Process
  • Automating Sales and Promotion
  • Boosting User Experience
  • Integrating Additional Security
  • Optimizing Website Speed
  • Adhering to Legalities

Again, this is a specialized domain that requires a team of solution architects, extension developers, product designers, marketers, support executives, and QA specialists. An extension has to designed and developed very carefully to ensure it remains fully functional.

Given you have a strong team, you can also venture into services for the customizations of third party extensions. This is usually done to modify or improve and already working extension according to the specific needs and preferences of the client.

Magento 2 Speed Optimization

Speed is something that no merchant or customer is willing to compromise on. It defines several KPIs for your store, works as a ranking factor for Google SERPs, and serves as a key metric in your website’s overall health and performance. Without a fast and responsive Magento store, you cannot achieve your business goals no matter how good your product or service is.

By entering 2020, e-commerce trends have taken a swift turn, prioritizing on several factors that determine the website UX standards. According to the latest statistics, a website will fail to retain a visitor if its pages take more than 2 seconds to load. This contributes to increasing bounce rates which are badly received by Google’s ranking algorithms.

For a Magento a development company, having a speed optimization service is more important now than ever. Optimizing speed means reducing load time, server load, compressing media contents, cutting down code, enabling flat catalog, and other practices that help in increasing website speed. As a service provider, you can also offer speed optimization for specific areas of the Magento 2 store such as landing page, checkout page, form page, and other key pages. Here are some of the specialties you can offer in the market.

Full Page Cache

It helps in optimizing store speed by caching store pages without sacrificing anything in the process. This helps significantly by reducing load time, server-side load, which directly compliments store performance and customer user experience.

Redis Server

Redis Server is basically an advanced server used for storing and handling data which results in high page speeds with sub-milliseconds latency. This is particularly used for session and backend storage and is highly effective for multiple databases and eviction control.


Alternate PHP code can be used to support a robust framework, thereby helping in the process of caching PHP intermediate code. this technique is commonly used for Magento stores for duplicate PHP script executions which allow efficient store running.

Mysql Optimization and Configuration

Magento store speed is directly linked to its database performance. In order to improve it, a proper MySQL configuration is needed. By Optimizing and configuring MySQL, you can improve speed performance by 65%.

Magento 2 Developer or Team

Magento is not very complex if you know your way around it. However, like most online merchants who do not have a development background, it becomes crucial to have someone who is well versed with the ins and outs of Magento. This is where you step in. Dedicated Magento developers are being hunted right now, especially since the new update is due and merchants need a seasoned Magento developer to oversee their third party integrations during migration.

With the current demand, you can offer both dedicated Magento developers and Magento Development team. Jobs usually include,

PSD to HTML Conversion

This involves optimized semantic conversion of PSD to HTML depending on the merchant’s descriptions and layout type.

Magento Store Customization

Store customization is also highly demanded since online retailers are continuously in need of different customizations in their Magento store.

Store Management

Manty Magento store owners have thousands of products added and require a dedicated developer to handle their store on their behalf. This saves them time, and the money otherwise spent on the technical expertise if a full time resource is hired.

Integrating Secure Payment

Merchants are always in need of new payment gateway integrations in their stores. This requires technical expertise of an expert Magento developer.

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Store Migration

Store migrations as we mentioned are already market hot. Hiring a dedicated developer for it is extremely sound since he/she will also be responsible for other migration related jobs that come along the way.

Theme and Extension Customization

Extension and theme customization will always remain high in demand since Magento is an open source platform which gives merchants the flexibility to integrate their desired changes.

Magento Installation / Upgradation

Magento developers are also hired frequently for installation of Magento Themes, Extensions and upgradation of Old Magento Stores.