Magento Easy Tabs extension allows you to exhibit products on the home page with the help of tabs. These tabs are helpful in classifying products with respect to recently viewed, most reviewed, top rated, top in WishList, new products, featured and best selling products. You can add a custom tab according to customers’ interest and a CMS tab for delivering information. The sorting order and different layouts help you arrange Magento tabs section appropriately.
  • Key Features

    • Show Products In Multiple Tabs On HomePage
    • Tabs For Best Sellers, New, Featured, High Rated, etc.
    • Tabs For Categories, CMS Page & Text Display
    • Multiple Tabs Layout Options & Ajax loading
    • Limit No. of products & Define Sorting Order

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Powerful Features of Magento Easy Tabs Extension

  • Multiple Product Tabs

    You can add multiple product tabs on the home page with Magento custom tabs extension, which will create ease for customers to browse products with respect to different classifications.

  • Ajax enabled

    The tabs are powered by Ajax technology, which does not reload products every time a customer clicks. It saves their time and keep them engaged.

  • Configure Layout & Sorting Order

    You can select a layout for the tabs that best suits your website. By entering a sorting order, you can display tabs in a presentable manner.

Magento Custom Tabs

You can add multiple tabs to maximize visibility of your products.

  • Recently viewed

    You can enable a tab to enlist recently viewed products on the home page of your website.

  • Mostly reviewed

    For most reviewed products, you can create another tab that shall direct customers about the products that are reviewed by customers.

  • Highly ranked

    A separate tab for highly ranked products is quite helpful for your customers to decide placing of an order.

  • Recently Introduced

    You can add a tab, where all the recently introduced products or services can be gathered for the ease of customers.

  • Top in Wish List

    By enabling a tab for top products in wish list, you can communicate the most desiring products to your consumers.

  • Best Sellers

    Add a tab for best selling products, which summarizes products that are performing well in your entire store.

  • Featured Products

    You can add a tab of featured products for diverting customers’ attention towards the products that are listed as featured.

  • Top Categories Tab

    With addition of a tab for the top categories on the home page, you can bring whole categories of products to the limelight.

  • CMS Tab with WYSING Editor

    To provide additional information, images or videos, you can add a CMS tab that is powered with WYSIWYG editor.

AJAX Configuration in Magento Tabs extension

You can change the text or add an image to engage customers while the tab loads.

  • Upload Ajax Loading Image

    An image can also be uploaded to display when a tab loads. It keeps your customers engaged while switching between tabs.

  • Custom Ajax Loading Text

    You want to show a message to customers rather than an image, you can customize the loading text as well.

Configuration Options For Products Display

You can configure display settings for each tab, so that customers can easily browse through a set of products on your Magento website.

  • Enter No. of Products

    By entering the number of products, You can set a limit for products to be displayed in each tab.

  • Select Product Display

    You can create a custom tab, where you can select products and categories to be displayed on the home page.

  • Sort by Price

    From the dropdown menu, you can select either an ascending or descending order for the products based on pricing.

  • Attribute Name For Featured Tab

    You can save time by entering the attribute associated with products once and the products will be placed in featured tab.

Configure Magento Tabs Layout & Sorting Order

To display the tabs in a presentable manner, you can set a layout and sort an order for all of the tabs.

  • Tabs Sorting Order

    The sorting order helps you prioritize tabs over one another by numbering them. It helps you sort as per customer convenience.

  • 4 Layout Options

    You can select a layout from the 4 available options that best suits the design of your online store and customer comfort.

More Features

  • Enable / Disable Any Tab
  • Enter Label for the Tab
  • Enter a custom label for the tab link
  • Enter a custom title for the tabs label

Merchant Benefits

Customers are often in a hurry to visit a website and browse the products. In such a fast pace market, attracting customers’ attention greatly matters. You can also achieve it by creating tabs for products on the home page with the help of Easy tabs Magento module. Following are the additional benefits you will enjoy after its installation.

  • You can optimize the Magento store home page for higher conversion rate, because customers can take a look at the products without searching for it.
  • By adding tabs for recently viewed, top rated and reviewed products, the customer gets an idea about your customer base that builds trust.
  • Informational content is often missing on the home page of an magento store, but now you can add a CMS tab to educate customers about different products.

Customer Benefits

Your returning visitors may be habitual to visit a few categories and never bother to know about the best products or new arrivals in your store, while newer users may scroll down the home page and leave for finding nothing attractive. To keep them engaged in store and inform them how other products are performing, you can add tabs on the home page. Here are the benefits they get when you install Home Tab Extension.

  • With recently viewed and reviewed products, your customers can instantly get access to a list of products that are highly demanding.
  • They can get access to a list of new products with a click of the tab. They don’t have to contact the customer support, or wait for the updates in their email.
  • The Ajax technology ensures instant loading of products in each tab, which saves customers time in reloading the page over and again.

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Reviews & Ratings
  • Love the new improved version

    quote A lot of new functionality in the new version. Greatly improved module. Keep it up Guys you all are making an excellent effort! quote

    Read more
    by: Jakob on 5/26/2012
  • Nice but can be better

    quote Its a nice magento add on but can be better if FME can provide a Custom Tab. I think it would help generate more sales as well. quote

    Read more
    by: xafi on 5/16/2012
  • Sweet way to display products

    quote Loads all the products at once and no delay when loading. Fast and Furious. quote

    Read more
    by: Magento Guy on 4/26/2012
  • One Stop Shop for Magento

    quote needed to get some custom work done for the design. FME Support was able to jump right in and get the Custom Development team involved to take care of the extra work quote

    Read more
    by: Stephan on 4/25/2012
  • I like it on my Home Page

    quote Fits right in and helps display more products on Home Page. Super magento module for Enhancing the default functionality and getting more out of traffic quote

    Read more
    by: Byrne on 3/16/2012

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