Gift Wrap for Magento® 2 (1.0.0)

Magento 2 Gift Wrap extension lets you offer gift wrapping on store products. Add an unlimited number of wrap designs and classify them into a variety of gift wrap types. Assign products to each design and add a price to charge for the wrapping service. Restrict gift wrap option to selected store views. Personalize the gift wrap field labels for better user understanding. The option displays on the cart and checkout pages as well.
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  • Key Features

    • Add Attractive Gift Wraps to Your Store
    • Add Price and Assign Products to Wraps
    • Create Various Types of Gift Wraps
    • Restrict Gift Wraps to Store Views
    • Personalize Gift Wrap Option
    • Displays Gift Wraps on Cart & Checkout Pages

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Powerful Features of Magento 2 Gift Wrap Extension

  • Add Appealing Gift Wrap Designs

    Upload images of creative and appealing gift wraps to offer product packing to customers for a variety of occasions and happy moments.

  • Assign Products & Price to Wraps

    You can assign products to specify the availability of gift wrapping for those store items. Charge an additional fee for gift wraps.

  • Create Various Gift Wraps Types

    Create different gift wrap types to facilitate users in selecting a wrap suitable for their gift or occasion, e.g. birthdays, weddings, etc.

  • Show Gift Wraps on Specific Store Views

    You can facilitate the users of specific store views by restricting gift wrap option to selected store views.

  • Customize Gift Wrap option Labels

    Write custom labels for the gift wrap option to display on the product page, order, and checkout page. Let the users easily understand the field.

  • Display Gift Wrap Price on Cart & Checkout

    A gift wrap option appears in the cart and checkout pages with its cost to let the customers know they have selected a wrapper as well.

Add Appealing Gift Wrap Designs

Magento 2 Gift Wrapper extension allows you to add an extensive collection of gift wraps to your online store. Let your potential customers wrap-up their gifts in attractive designs. Write a name and upload an image to each wrap.

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Assign Products & Prices to Gift Wraps

You can assign products to the gift wrap designs so that customers don’t have to search for the wrapping facility separately. Add a price as well to charge for the gift wrapping service you offer.

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Create Gift Wrap Types to Classify the Designs

With this Magento 2 Gift wrap extension, you can create various types that serve as gift wrap categories to facilitate users in easily browsing all the designs that match a gift purpose or occasion.

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Restrict Gift Wraps to a Store view

The Gift Wrap Magento 2 extension enables you to confine the gift wrapping facility to certain store views. Select your preferred store views and ban the rest of the users from viewing the gift wrap option.

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Write Custom Labels for Gift Wrap Field

You can customize the labels of gift wrap fields to clarify its meaning on multiple events like Order Summary, Popup, and Production option.

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Gift Wrap Option Appears on Cart & Checkout Pages

Display the Magento 2 Gift Wrap option on the cart and checkout pages to ensure the customers get to know they have opted for wrapping and are aware of the charges.

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Merchant Benefits

  • Improve conversions by allowing customers to request for a gift wrap along with the product purchase
  • Increase revenue by adding a price for a fascinating collection of gift wraps
  • Attract users of a specific region by restricting gift wraps to selected store views

Customer Benefits

  • Customers can easily browse gift wrap designs that are classified in various wrap types on your store
  • Gift wraps are attached to products so customers can select them with a click right on the product page
  • Customers get to know the price and the wrap type they have selected as it appears on the order and checkout page
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Reviews & Ratings
  • Excellent Extension

    quote Just updated my store for this Christmas sales. Excellent extension with lots of customizable options. quote

    Read more
    by: vancour on 12/12/2018
  • Good Module

    quote The wow factor about this magento gift wrap extension is that you can design your own gift wrapper as well, Good module quote

    Read more
    by: markamza on 11/26/2018

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