Ultimate GDPR Compliance for Magento® 2 (1.0.0)

Magento 2 GDPR extension helps to make your eCommerce website in compliance with the GDPR. Show “Forget Me” & “Request Data” buttons on “My Account” page. Display cookie consent. Add checkboxes on the registration page for privacy, and terms & conditions. Manage customers’ GDPR related request from back office to generate data in PDF or delete customer data. Allow users to contact DPO from front office.
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  • Key Features

    • Make Your Online Store GDPR Compliance
    • Create and Communicate a Cookie Policy
    • Permit Users to Delete Profile Accounts
    • Allow Customers to Delete all Orders
    • Let the Users Unsubscribe the Newsletter
    • Add Checkboxes for Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy

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Powerful Features of Magento 2 GDPR

  • Pursue GDPR Compliance

    Magento GDPR extension ensures your website is in compliance with the latest regulations laid by EU for the privacy of consumers.

  • Draft and Display Cookie Policy

    Let the users of your eCommerce website know about the use of cookies and ask for their consent with 'Accept' and 'More Details' buttons

  • Allows Users to Delete Accounts

    You can allow users to delete their profiles from your eCommerce website if they no longer wish your business to keep the information.

  • Option To Retain Order Data

    With Magento GDPR compliance extension, you can show a checkbox for customers if they want to delete the order data along with “Forget me” request..

  • Unsubscribe to Newsletters

    You can add an unsubscribe link to the newsletter to let the users enjoy their freedom of opting out from receiving updates.

  • Exhibit Conditions & Policy

    Enable checkboxes on the registration page to exhibit the terms and conditions, and privacy policy to the users joining your website.

Acquire Cookie Consent from Users

With Magento 2 GDPR compliance extension, you can create a policy for the use of cookies on your website. You can ask users' consent in retaining information about their behavior with the help of cookies.

  • Add Cookie Policy
  • Write Header Content
  • Setup Lifetime, Path, and Domain
  • Customize Accept Button
  • Personalize More Button
  • Choose Colors for the Background and Button
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Permit Users to Delete Accounts or Export Data

Allow your customers to delete accounts or export the entire data as a backup.

  • Enable Account Deletion - Forget Me Option

    You can allow your customers to delete user accounts after completing their shopping. Let them exercise the ‘Forget me’ option for quickly removing their credentials from your website. You can;

    • Enable ‘Delete Account’ Feature
    • Write custom text for the checkbox label
  • Customers can Export Order and Account Details

    Let the customers export complete order and account details to retain an off-site data backup. They can extract details about;

    • All Saved Addresses
    • All Orders
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Allow Customers to Retain Orders

With Magento GDPR extension, you can empower customers to delete their orders in order to erase all their personal and financial details. You can configure the following options for allowing the customers in deleting orders.

  • Enable Cron to replace the order details
  • Allow Orders Removal with selected statuses
  • Write custom text in the checkbox
  • Customers can Delete Every Bit of Order Detail

    Allow customer to remove every bit of detail and whereabouts they have submitted while placing an order. They can delete the following details.

    • First, last, and middle name
    • Suffix and prefix
    • Email and phone
    • VAT, Company
    • Street, City, Country
    • Region/State, Postcode
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Manage User Requests

All the requests submitted by users for the removal of account or deletion of orders appears in one place to help you better manage them. You can take the following actions against each request.

  • Delete
  • Mark On-hold
  • Process
  • Process Unsubscribe only
  • Process Orders removal requests only
  • Process Account deletion requests only
  • Process All Requests
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Let Your Customers Unsubscribe the Newsletter

You can configure the addition of an 'Unsubscribe' link in the newsletter to let the users enjoy their freedom to stop receiving email messages from your eCommerce website.

  • Allow and Customize Unsubscribe Option

    Your customers have the right to refrain from your newsletter. Let them unsubscribe with a link right in the newsletter with a customization checkbox.

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Take User Consent in Privacy & Agreement Policy

Magento GDPR Compliance extension empowers you to ask user consent about privacy and agreement policy during the user registration process.

  • Enable Privacy Check with Subscription

    You can create a mandatory or voluntary checkbox for privacy policy so that a customer reads it thoroughly while subscribing to the newsletter.

  • Terms and Conditions Checkbox

    Create a separate checkbox for the terms and conditions to make sure the user gives it a read before signing up for an account. You can customize the content and make it mandatory to check.

FME Magento Extensions

Magento GDPR - General Configurations

With general configuration settings, you can personalize header and title text, and write a custom success message. Try configuring the following settings;

  • Write a custom title for GDPR Related tab in My Account section
  • Personalize the success message to the customer on submitting a request
  • Compose header title on the registration page
FME Magento Extensions

Magento GDPR Compliance - Email Configuration

Magento GDPR compliance extension allows you to configure email address of your contact person to ensure switch communication with your customers with regard to the privacy of their confidential information. The configuration settings include,

  • Specify an admin email address
  • Select an email template for customer requests
  • Send an email to the customer upon request completion
  • Choose an email template for the customer's reply
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Provide Data Protection Officer (DPO) Details

Magento GDPR compliance extension facilitates you swift communication with your data protection officer who ensures GDPR compliance of your eCommerce website. You can configure the following options

  • Enable DPO contact form
  • Provide a DPO Email address
  • Customize the link label and page title
  • Add custom content to DPO Form
  • Select an email template for DPO
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Upcoming Features

  • Customers and users can request their personal data in a PDF document
  • Send an email to customers about updated Privacy Policy

Merchant Benefits

  • Become a GDPR compliant eCommerce website to avoid penalties that may result in breaching the regulations laid for general data protection.
  • You can take customers' consent for using the cookies to collect useful data with a legal process and avoid any misconduct.
  • Manage the display of privacy policy and agreement to avoid disappointment among customers about data protection issues.

Customer Benefits

  • Customers can start to trust your website for sharing their personal and financial details as they come to know about your privacy policy and agreement.
  • The users of your websites feel the freedom in deleting their profiles with personal details from your eCommerce website.
  • Deleting the orders option facilitate users in erasing all the financial, shipping, and billing details they have shared while placing orders.

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    quote Timing is everything and you guys launched this extension exactly when everyone is looking for solutions to GDPR. quote

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