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Secure Your Store with FME's GeoIP Magento Extension

Secure Your Store with FME's GeoIP Magento Extension

In today’s digital landscape, online businesses face a wide range of challenges. It ranges from creating personalised experiences to cybersecurity. When we talk about cybersecurity, it is a concern for every organisation. A cybersecurity incident disrupts operations, impacts finances, and undermines an organisation’s reputation.

As eCommerce is becoming the norm, online store owners need to ensure their store’s security. They must put in place robust features to protect against fraudulent transactions and unauthorised logins. Magento is already one of the most secure eCommerce platforms.

It uses encryption to protect the data during transit and there are built-in firewalls that protect against cyberattacks. You can set up roles-based access, ensuring only the relevant people can get access to your store’s critical data. It adheres to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements.

If you wish to go beyond the standard level of security, opt for Magento security extensions. One such extension is the GeoIP Ultimate Lock Magento Extension. In this article, we will highlight the key features of this extension, helping you understand how it can be a valuable tool in enhancing your store’s security.

What is GeoIP Technology?

Before we discuss the extension’s feature, let’s develop an understanding of the GeoIP technology. Geolocation IP or simply GeoIP is a form of location tracking using an individual’s IP address. By analysing a user’s IP address, store owners can gain critical insights into the user, allowing them to tailor their security policies accordingly.

Notable Features of the GeoIP Ultimate Lock Extension


GeoIP Ultimate Lock

This extension optimizes store traffic by blocking visitors and bots according to regions, countries, and IP addresses.

What makes this extension a must-have for your online store? Let’s see.

Magento 2 Block IP Address


This extension is the perfect answer for Magento 2 block ip requirements. It allows you to block a specific IP, country, or entire region from accessing your store. Suppose your store only serves location A. If users from location X start accessing your store, it puts undue load on your server.

It can disrupt the website’s performance and even prevent location A users from accessing it. Secondly, it makes no sense for location X users to access your store when they clearly know that the store is not for them. So, to protect your store, it is better to cut off location X altogether.

Block Specific Products or Pages


In certain cases, you may need to block only specific products, product categories, or just specific pages. As is visible in the above image, it is easily doable with this extension. You may be wondering why you would need to block a specific product? Well, there are several reasons.

Suppose your store serves multiple countries. In country A, product XYZ is legal, whereas it is illegal in country B. It makes no sense to allow country B users to see that product. Beyond legality, shipment may be another consideration. It may be that shipping the product to country B is not financially feasible.

Add a Custom Message or Redirect to a Relevant Page


It makes no sense to block a page, product, or entire website without letting the users know of it. They may think that the store is facing technical issues. It can undermine user experience and they may stop shopping at your store altogether. Therefore, you must set up a custom message informing them about the restriction.

The alternative is to redirect them to a relevant URL. From the above image, you can see that the about us page is blocked for Asian visitors. You can opt to give a further explanation if you wish. This can greatly enhance your store’s experience and allow you to serve the audience without undermining their experience.

Other Security Extensions:


You can opt to block a specific IP or IPs. This feature is quite handy when you know that the IP is nothing but a bot or a user trying to disrupt your operations. A recent study found that 30.8 per cent traffic to eCommerce stores is bots. The more worrying aspect is that 17.7% of these bots are malicious.


This concludes our article on securing your store with GeoIP Ultimate Lock Extension. Of course, the extension offers a lot more features than we discussed. If you are interested in knowing more about this extension, book a live demo. Our team will explain the extension in detail and how it benefits your store. If you have any queries related to Magento, contact us.