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Magento Tutorial | Shopping Cart Price Rules (Part 2)

Magento Tutorial | Shopping Cart Price Rules (Part 2)

As discussed in the previous post Magento promotional rules along with best Magento themes make perfect web shop.  Most of the eMerchants give discounts regularly and run numerous campaigns on it to attract clients. Magento is a great shopping cart that gives wonderful ability to store owners to manage coupons and discounts.  In the previous post we discussed about Catalog Magento Price rules, now let us discuss about other category that is Shopping cart price rules.

Magento Themes and Magento Price Rules-Perfect Marketing combination:

Before discussing further it should be emphasized that marketing strategies will not take much effect until you have chosen appropriate template for your store from available Magento themes.  Shopping cart Magento price rules are executed on cart page.  A coupon code is not necessary for shopping cart rules.

To create Shopping Cart Price Rules go to Promotions -> Shopping Cart Price Rules and select Add New Rule,

Magento themes with promotion rules

Enter the rule’s name and description. One of best features of Magento is that it offers great freedom in overall management whether it is about Magento Themes, extensions and custom development. Similarly you can select the user group for which this rule will be applied. Next you will enter the code which will used by customers as a “promotional code” or “coupon” to get discounts. If you do not want your coupon code to be used infinitely, you can limit it by either users or coupons e.g. each coupon can be used 100 times or each coupon can be used by only 1 user etc. You will enter these values accordingly as mentioned below in the image,

shopping cart magento price rules

Next you will enter effective dates and if you want your rule to be publicized in rule’s RSS feed you can select yes from “Public in RSS feed”.


Let us throw some light on Actions that will ultimately decide how this coupon will be executed on your web shop making a perfect combination for your store together with lovely Magento Themes. In order to apply discount you can select following options,

  • a)     Percent of product price discount
  • b)    Fixed amount discount
  • c)     Fixed amount discount for whole cart
  • d)    Buy x get Y free
magento coupons

Suppose you want to make a promotional rule for customers to give 10% discount, you will select option a. Enter further settings like amount and how many products onto which this discount should be applied.  This will make sure the promotional code will not be applied to products more than specified here e.g. if you specified 5, then 6th product will not get discount.

Discount qty setup will define discount amount e.g. If we enter 5 then it will be 10% of 5 products after five products have been entered in catalog.  Next when 5 more products will be added the discount amount will become 10% of 10 products and likewise.  You are now developing great strategy for your Magento store, and once again it is emphasized that you chose appropriate template from available Magento themes to put better effect on customers.

Free shipping feature enables you to get all those items free shipped on which this rule will be applied or you can select other way around and that is, if even one product is included in the order which falls under this rule then free shipping will be applied.  As discussed previously you can disable other rules to interfere with this one and does not apply on products onto which this rules is applied.

magento promotional codes  

From the above image you can leave it as it is to apply this rule on entire products or make conditions to select few products.  If you want to apply advanced conditions you will then use conditions similarly as described in the previous post.

In the next post we will see some example of making promotions of different types and help making your web shop perfect with the help of Marketing and Magento Themes…(To be continued)