Magento 2: How to Add Category Filter to Admin Product Grid?

Magento 2: How to Add Category Filter to Admin Product Grid?

Magento is amongst the three most widely used eCommerce platforms along with Shopify and WooCommerce. The reason that most merchants prefer Magento is because of its customisability and scalability. Store owners can customise their store according to their requirements and target market preferences.

Despite Magento’s robust features, store management remains a challenging task. For instance, the admin must constantly check their catalogue, upload and update products, pack and deliver orders, answer customer’s queries, and work on improving the store’s visibility, among many other things.

For the smooth running of the store, it is essential to carry out all these tasks simultaneously and efficiently. Although Magento 2 provides a great admin panel, there is still room for enhancement. Like all other eCommerce platforms, it has its limitations, but Magento is flexible enough to make up for every limitation.

There are ways and tools that help you do anything you want. In this tutorial, we are going to talk about one particular admin-related problem and offer its solution.

The Problem of Magento 2 Product Grid Category Filter


Product Grid Category Filter

Save the store admin’s time and elevate catalog management with the Magento 2 Product Grid Category Filter extension.

Problem: There is no category column in the product grid to show which category(s) each product belongs to. Consequently, there is no Magento filters on category page to filter products by categories. Admins have to go to the product edit page to check/update the product’s category. Also, they can’t filter products by category(s) directly on the product grid. This causes inconvenience and takes a lot of time working with categories, especially if you have a huge and varying catalog of products.

Solution: To save you from hiring an expensive Magento developer to implement the functionality, we have developed a powerful Magento 2 Product Grid Category Filter extension. It makes the store admin’s life easier and takes category management to a new level. Not only can you see each product’s category right on the product grid, but you can also filter products by category and update categories without leaving the product grid.

Importance of Adding a Category Filter

Improved Management

The best thing about the category filter on the product page is that it allows the admin to quickly find products within categories, saving valuable time in the process.

Better Inventory Management

With improved visibility of different products using the category filter, admins can make more informed decisions related to product stocking.

Focus on Critical Business Areas

With product management becoming more streamlined, you can allocate more time to other critical business areas such as customer service, product research, and marketing.

How Does the Magento Filters on Category Page Extension Work?

After installing the extension, go to FME Extensions ->Configuration and set the Enable Module field to Yes.

It will automatically add a category column and category filter to the grid. The column will automatically fetch each product’s assigned category names. These names are clickable, which will direct you to the relevant category edit page.

product grid category filter

Update Categories

The extension also adds a new Update Category option in the product grid’s Actions drop down menu. It allows you to update any number of products categories right on the product grid. Just select the products you want to update and click Update Category.

Update product grid category filter

Keep or Unlink Old Categories

You may want to assign a product a new category while keeping the old categories instead of deleting them. The extension offers the awesome feature of allowing you to keep or detach old categories when updating a product’s category. All you have to do is toggle the Unlink old category button.

unlink old categories Other Related Extensions:

Final Thoughts on Magento filters on Category Page

This concludes our article on how to add the category filter to the admin product grid. Indeed, the product grid category filter extension is a must have tools for all Magento 2 stores, big or small. Apart from adding a category filter to the admin product grid, you can leverage many of its features to save time and make store management more efficient.

If you have any questions or want to customize the extension, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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