Amazing Tips to Make Magento Web Stores Flawless

Websites are the first point of contact between a company and its customers. It is like a company’s visiting card or an assistant. Or it may not be wrong to say that aesthetics of a website are a company’s perceived image. Thus it is very essential for a good e-commerce website to be aesthetically appealing to its visitors and must be designed in a way that it is easily handled by them. Good e-commerce websites ensure customer interaction that is without any hassles and is free of confusion.

The design of a website can be judged by the way it communicates to the audience and gets its message across. A good design is the one that is not only visually attractive but fulfills the purpose of the website as well; communicating the message to the audience in a great way.

Deciding and designing a website’s visuals, aesthetics and layout is a matter of opinion but sometimes being packed with all these things still does not seem right.

Following things must be kept in mind to promote and maintain your Magento powered online presence, as they can directly affect the frequency of visits at your site:

Improve Your Graphic Design

Just as we all like to shop at brick and mortar shops that have tempting layout, we expect online stores as well to be captivating for our sight. A website with poor graphics and eye stabbing visuals will certainly turn customers away. The aesthetics and visual experience of a website is directly related to likeability and credibility of the store. Shoppers base their judgments about trustworthiness of a business on how it looks to the eyes. The likelihood of purchasing from the site also depends on the appearance of the online store. The concern lies at avoiding creating an ugly repulsive website. That is why Magento web stores take good advantage of Magento extensions, for instance the Magento Theme, to make the appearance and visual effects of the site more appealing to the visitors. Magento Theme provides websites with a great look. From colour scheme to layout to number of items being displayed per page, everything is planned with full vigilance and proper heed.


Use Magento One Step Checkout

The best web store is the one which interests the shoppers to keep turning the pages and compels them to pore through each and every item available at the site. Thus it is very important for a Magento web store to make its website more user-friendly and enable proper call to action buttons to herd the customers in a proper manner than just leaving them to wander across the page. This is why Magento introduced One Step Checkout to simplify online stores’ checking out processes; because checking out is the most complicated part of placing an order and most of the customers end up abandoning their order.

Take Care of Font Size

With the growing trend of mobile phones, mobile visits to e-commerce websites have increased ten folds by 2013. So having so many potential mobile visitors it is very important to optimize the website to mobile phones and tablets. Moreover, online stores should not use small fonts as it becomes very difficult for users to read it over the hand held gadgets. Clicking the CTA buttons also becomes impossible without zooming and swiping.

Employ One Page Magento Quick Checkout

Shipping policy must be stated clearly on the web store. Rather than asking shoppers to place the order and handover credit card details and then wait for the vendors to calculate shipping fee. Customers want to know beforehand what they will have to pay and how the item they like to acquire will be delivered. To provide solutions to this concern Magento extension known as Magento Quick Checkout is available, which is an advanced version of One Step Checkout to make the experience even better. It makes the lengthy process faster and brings the whole procedure to only one page.

Get Help from Magento Testimonial

Blogs play an important role in connecting customers to the merchants in a way that merely product pages alone cannot. Thus it is very important for online vendors to dedicate a space to shoppers where they can share their reviews and comments about their products. Because at times, it’s not the promotion campaigns but the content from common people that keeps the customers coming back. Magento Testimonial is an extension that deals with customer testimonials to resolve the issue of missing blogs at online stores. Magento FAQ extension has all magento product questions magento product questions that are also available to create FAQ page in order to connect customers to the merchants to find answers to their queries.

Take Advantage of Magento Product Questions

Make your store more nurturing and helpful for your customers; they don’t want only a showcase with attractive items, but a facility as well that can help minimize any ambiguities regarding a product. If you use Magento Product Question you will add the possibility for the customers ask questions and clarify doubts about any product.

Optimize your Presence for Search Engines

Search engines are the only gateway to influx visitors at your site. Therefore, Magento web stores if not well optimized for search engines are always at a loss. It is very important for e-commerce experts to optimize their websites for search engines and build strong backlinks for their online presence. Otherwise they would simply throw away the large number of highly targeted free traffic.

Ensure a Fast Website

In today’s fast moving time nobody wants to waste an extra minute on anything. Same is true for slow websites. With so many options available to shoppers, it is very likely that customers will leave those websites that take longer loading time. So web stores should have magento quick checkout in order to design in a way that it does not hamper its speed and all its contents are fully functional to provide a better user experience.