2012 Best Magento Theme for House hold web shop

2012 Best Magento Theme for House hold web shop

House Store Magento Theme is a unique template designed for house hold products. It has a catchy and perfect layout along with features that are necessary. You will not see a design that is built for electronic items but the products that are hosted are house hold. Matching of a design with the products which are hosted is crucial. House Store Magento Theme does the same exactly.

This Magento Theme has Three-column layout where left and right columns are available for promotions and interesting information for customers. In the left column customers can easily find different categories that you have on your website and easily navigate to those.  Just below the categories are small images and banners. Use of banners is vital in internet marketing; see our post which highlights internet marketing techniques with the help of banners.

Right column displays news and events. We have News Magento Extension installed which is a premium product but it is incorporated free into this House Store Magento Theme. The header and footer are exceptionally amazing. The top right corner displays cart information to customers. It is just like you checking how much money you have in your wallet so that you can plan shopping. Just below this cart information there is a big “Call now at…” option which in marketing is called a call to action and is very effective marketing technique.

When all of sudden customers are attracted by your site and services then they don’t have to wander for your contact information, they can find it really bold and on front. House Store Magento Theme has a wonderful charming menu just like you would find on IPhone and Android apps. The footer is not typical in a sense that normally it takes too much space. But instead it is just a row with necessary icons like contact us, help, login etc.

House Store Magento Theme is really a charming template to be used for house hold product and it has potential to increase your brand awareness. It is 100% SEO optimized, efficiently coded, uses JQuery as well. So why wait now! Get this theme on 15% discount by using “offer15” coupon code.