4 Most Desired FME Magento Extensions Of All Time

Our expert developers have a good experience of the magento development and customization, we are proud that we never let our clients down. Though we have a large collection of Magento Extensions but the under-mention extensions are those 4 which have best selling results of all time. These are one of those extensions that hold the strength to make an E-commerce store more interactive and also some of them fond very useful for the enhancement of conversion ratios. All these extensions follow the standards of Magentocommerce and configurable with up-to-date version of Magento.

One Step Checkout Magento Extension:

FME One Step Checkout is on the top of the list of sold extensions, it reduces the checkout time for your customers increasing your sales conversion rate. One Step Checkout Magento Extension is a must to have if you are serious about earning from your online magento store. The six long steps of default Magento checkout process is time consuming and can your customer might loose interest while filling out those 6 tabs.

If you have a Magento Store and don’t have the One Step Checkout then you might be missing out on quite a few potential Sales. FME One Step Checkout will have your Customers out the door in no time getting those precious dollars in your pocket.

Shop By Manufacturers Magento Extension:

Shop by Manufacturers Extension enables you to Manage Manufacturers easily from Admin panel and presented in your store and link to them from product pages, thus making it easier for your customers to browse and shop by specific Manufacturers. Moreover, you can use any category relevant to your store - such as manufacturers, artists, authors, etc. - instead of brand names.

Product Testimonials Magento Extension:

Testimonials on a website show a history of satisfaction with your business. Let potential customers on the border about using your business are convinced by past customers. A few glowing testimonials could lead to several new sales.

FME Product Testimonials is an extension for adding testimonial by the user from frontend and managing and publishing testimonials from backend.This Magento extension allows website user to submit a testimonials form with several fields on one of your site's page and enable adding testimonials by either users or admin.

Advance Sitemap & SEO Suite Magento Extension:

Last but not the least and as the name depicts the story of its importance, FME's Sitemap is mainly developed for SEO purpose and it not only provides an easy and full of options management and creation of Sitemaps but also a unique way with attractive, decorated and eye caching view for the site customers.