Flash Sales with Countdown Timer for Magento® 2 (1.0.0)

Magento 2 Flash Sales is the extension that helps you create detailed limited-time discount offers on your online store. You can create multiple sales campaigns for events like Back-to-School, Black Friday, Christmas and other yearly festivals to sell your products. It allows you to list all the upcoming and ongoing flash sales with countdown timer on a dedicated page and set fixed or percentage discount for each flash sale campaign. You can also access the backend and easily apply specific discounts for each product in flash sale.
  • Key Features

    • Create Multiple Flash Sales Campaigns
    • Restrict Flash Sales by Customer Groups & Store Views
    • Creates a Dedicated Flash Sales Listing Page
    • Set Fixed or Percentage Discounts to Flash Sales
    • Option to Set Different Discount For Each Product in Flash Sale
    • Display Countdown Timer on Product & Flash Sales Listing Page
    • Option to Show Product Sales Label on Listing Pages

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Powerful Features of Magento 2 Flash Sales

  • Add Time-bound Flash Sales to Your Store

    Create flash sales that offer discounted prices for a defined period. Display a countdown timer to make the users quickly do the purchases.

  • A Separate Flash Sales Page

    Magento Flash Sales extension creates a separate page to exhibit all the discount offers you create along with the countdown timers.

  • Apply Flash Sales to Products or Categories

    You can apply flash sales to products by selecting them one by one or a complete category. Multiple categories can also be selected.

  • Display ‘Coming Soon’ Sales on Categories

    Enable ‘Coming Soon’ section to communicate upcoming discounts on category pages so that customers can revisit and avail the offer.

  • Exhibit Events with Banners & Countdown Timers

    You can announce events and make them appealing with banners and countdown timers. Let the users know and become anxious about the event.

  • Set Fixed or Percentage Discounts to Flash Sales

    You can set either a fixed discount amount or a percentage of the product price for the flash sales.

A Dedicated Flash Sales Listing Page

With Magento 2 Flash Sales extension, you can create a separate page to list the upcoming and ongoing discount offers your store. This helps you streamline all your offers by displaying them to your customers on one page.

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Attach Products & Categories to Flash Offers

Moreover, for every flash sale offer, you can attach specific products & categories you wish to put on sale. If you decide to put offers for few items, you can add products one by one. If it’s a category you can simply attach the selected categories to extend the discount offer on them.

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Dynamic Discount Options

Flash Sales is a powerful Magento 2 extension that offers dynamic discount options.

  • Single Discount Value for Whole Campaign

    You can easily configure discounts for your entire product list in just one simple campaign

    • Select a fixed or percentage discount type
    • Enter an amount or number for the percentage discount
  • Product Specific Discounts

    You can configure discounts on items based on fixed value and percentage depending on the product type. For example, if you have added 20 products to put on sale, you can configure a specific discount for 5 products and remaining 15 will use the default discount value of the flash sale campaign

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Display Countdown Timer on Products & Flash Sales Page

By displaying countdown timers, you can captivate your customers and make the flash sales more intriguing. With every tick of the countdown, your customers will feel the sense of urgency and make purchase decisions within the projected time of your sales strategy.

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Display Customizable Label On Product Images

Display your customized Sales Label on product image in listing pages to compliment your online marketing strategy.

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Create & Display ‘Coming Soon’ Sales

Magento Flash sales extension helps you create customizable labels for upcoming discount offers to entice your customers further. Configure suitable launch dates from the back-end show labels such as ‘Coming Soon’ on your dedicated page.

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Create Daily Deals to Boost Your Store Revenues

You can now turn your flash sales page into a Daily Deals section by showing competitive offers for a day or two. This feature is quite popular and allows merchants to attract huge amount of customers through flash sales that last for 24 hours or less.

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Restrict Flash Sales by Customer Groups & Store Views

To optimize your flash sales to certain customer groups and store views, Flash Sales extension restricts discounts to limited users to support your sales preferences. This allows executive members and product specific customers to avail your discounts.

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Make the Flash Sales Appear in SERPs

Add meta tags to the Flash Sales page to make sure the discount deals appear in search engine results. You can configure;

  • URL Identifier
  • URL Suffix
  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
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Personalize Coming Soon & Current Sales Sections

All text labels in Flash Sales extension are full customizable. You can create attractive text phrases with personalized font size and color to engage customers for ‘Coming Soon’ and Current/Ending’ flash sales sections. The default banner is changeable according to your campaigns.

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Add Flash Sales Widget to Any Page

You can copy the short code of a flash offer to any other page and it will be displayed in a captivating widget. This helps you highlight flash sales on any product or CMS page of your choice.

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Merchant Benefits

  • Increase store revenue by creating flash sales for specific products or categories that need improvement in sales.
  • Award your returning visitors and retain them as executive members with exclusive discounts through Restrict Flash Sales feature.
  • Capitalize on special events of the year such as Christmas and Independence Day by offering flash sales to your customers.

Customer Benefits

  • Enhances customer user experience by displaying all your flash sales on a dedicated listings page.
  • With private sales, special customers and groups are excited to avail discounts that may not be available to other customers.
  • Upcoming sales section keeps customers informed about future offers.

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Reviews & Ratings
  • Simple Yet Powerful

    quote The extension is very easy to use and offers useful features. Great experience working with FME. quote

    Read more
    by: Andrew on 2/19/2019
  • Sales Jumped 18%

    quote I used the extension for Christmas sales and it boosted the store's sales by nearly 18 percent. Cool features. quote

    Read more
    by: Joseph on 2/4/2019

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