Store Faqs + Product Questions for Magento® 2 (1.2.8)

FAQs + Product Questions extension for Magento 2 allows you to add FAQs to your eCommerce website. Attach FAQs to different products to help customers find relevant questions right on the product pages. Enable ‘Ask a Question’ to let them ask anything they need to know the most. Select topics/categories for a meaningful classification of FAQs. Display store related FAQs on separate page.
  • Key Features

    • Answer & display questions on product pages
    • Create a dedicated FAQs page with topics
    • Allow user to ask a question from product page
    • Import/Export FAQs with a CSV file
    • Add FAQs block, and enable rating by customers

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Powerful Features of Magento 2 Product Questions Extension

  • Product related Questions

    Display relevant questions with answers on product pages to help customers get the idea what they are not getting in a product description.

  • Dedicated FAQs page

    Write helpful answers to all the common questions and post them on a dedicated page to assist customers in finding answers relevant to their queries.

  • Asking Questions

    Enable ‘Ask a Question’ option to let the customers ask anything about a product right on the page. It removes the hindrance for customers to communicate.

  • Display FAQs Block

    Highlight the most common topics of FAQs anywhere on the website with the help of an attractive block. You can select topics and position on the page for the block.

  • Import/Export FAQs

    Import FAQs from another source to quickly setup a dedicated page. Export FAQs option is available to let you have a backup or use the data somewhere else.

  • Accordion Style View

    Enable accordion view for FAQs that minimizes the rest of the questions and allow users to focus on their required one.

Add FAQs to Product Pages

Keep your customers engaged by display relevant questions on the product pages in a separate FAQ Tab.

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Display all the FAQs on a dedicated page which serves as an information hub to your valued customers. FAQs which are not related to any product are displayed in this FAQ page under different categories/topics.

You can select the number of questions to display on the FAQs page. This will help merchants to maintain the page load speed.

FME Magento Extensions

Let Customers “Ask a Question

Enable ‘Ask a Question’ on front end so that your customers can ask anything that is not answered in the existing FAQs. You can also set the permission as who can ask a question logged-in customers or non logged-in customers etc.

  • Smart Ask a Question Form:

    Clicking on ask a question button will display a smart FAQ form. The store admin can configure to open FAQ form in either popup or slide. The customers can make a question private to notify merchants that they not post this question as FAQ.

FME Magento Extensions

Create Multiple Magento 2 FAQ Topics / Categories

With Magento 2 Product questions extension merchant can create multiple topics to segregate the questions and allow users to easily find a question they are searching for. You can also define the no of FAQs to be displayed under each topic in FAQ page.

FME Magento Extensions

Allow Existing Customers to Answer FAQs

Customers can also answer questions by logging-in from their account. You can approve the answer from the back end and add it to the FAQs page.

  • Enable/Disable/ Delete any answer

    You can Enable/Disable or Delete any answer from the backend if you find it unsatisfactory or does not meet the criteria of the Question.

  • Show Multiple Answers to FAQs

    You can Post multiple answers to a single FAQ to elaborate more about a specific question. This prevents any confusion about the user might have about it.

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Magento 2 FAQs block enables you to highlight some of the common questions anywhere on your website.

  • Adding FAQs block

    Enable the FAQs block to display questions on your selected position of the website.

  • Enable FAQs Search

    Enable FAQs search block so that customers find a question & their answers by typing a few letters from it.

  • Add Tags Block

    Enable tags to help customers search for topics relevant to their queries.

FME Magento Extensions

Display FAQs in Accordion Style

Enable accordion style for FAQs for easy navigation. And, add read more links to the answers.

FME Magento Extensions

Enable FAQs Rating, Like/Dislike Feature

Magento 2 Product questions extension allows you to enable / disable FAQ ratings, like and dislike feature.

  • Enable Rating

    Allow customers to rate an answer or question to know how much the text is helpful for them. You can also change the ratings of any FAQs on your discretion.

  • Like/Dislike FAQs

    Customers can like/dislike FAQs depending on the effectiveness of explaining the question. You can also disable this feature or enable selected customer groups to like/dislike FAQs

FME Magento Extensions

Email notifications to keep you and the customers informed

With Magento 2 Product Questions you can configure email notification settings to get updates when a customer asks a question and inform customers when their query is answered.

  • Add Receiver’s Email

    Select moderators and configure their emails to get FAQs notification. A moderator can approve & reply the query.

  • Sending Email to Clients

    Enable sending notifications to your customers via email to let them know their question is answered.

  • Email Template

    Add an email template to be consistent and professional while communicating with your customers.

  • Sending Email to Clients

    Enable sending notifications to your customers via email to let them know their question is answered.

FME Magento Extensions

Product Questions Customer Account Page

Customer account page allows users to view questions and answers posted by them. Notifications help users remain informed about questions and answers.

  • Show All Questions Posted by User

    The customers can access their account page and view all the question posted by them

  • Show All Answers Posted by User

    The users can also view the answers posted by them from My Account page

  • Enable/Disable Notifications

    The user will remain notified each time an answer has been made by the admin or an answer has been approved for a question through email. You can disable this feature.

FME Magento Extensions

FAQs Display Filters for Admin

You can view FAQ from the back end according to your preferences by settings these 3 filters at the manage FAQ panel

  • View by FAQs

    See all your FAQs on the grid without any sorting or categorization

  • View by Products

    If your wish to see your FAQs that are related to your particular products, you can change the filter to View by Products

  • View by Categories/Topics

    View your FAQs according to topics to see the FAQs posted under different categories.

FME Magento Extensions

FAQs Display Filters For Customers

To minimize time taken for finding relevant FAQs, customers can filter their required FAQs

  • Sort by Date

    Customers can sort FAQs by the the date they are published so any recent information regarding a product or website policy can be uncovered

  • Sort by Ratings

    FAQs which receive the most ratings can be viewed first by settings the filter to Sort by Ratings. This allows customers to find the most helpful FAQs on the website.

FME Magento Extensions

More Features of Magento 2 FAQ Extension

  • Add URL identifier, Meta keywords, and description to make the FAQs page search engine friendly and maximize its reach
  • Enable or disable the extension anytime you need
  • Enable Google reCaptcha for ‘Ask a Question’ form to prevent spamming
  • Google reCaptcha private and public keys
  • Select pop-up or slide-down window for Ask Question form
  • Add, edit or delete FAQs
  • Easy to attach FAQs to products and topics
  • Import or export FAQs in CSV file
  • Select a number of questions to display under each topic
  • Allow a selected user group to rate the FAQs
  • Adds a link to FAQs page in the footer

Merchant Benefits

Posting the Frequently Asked Questions with detailed answers once on your business website sets you free from replying customers asking the same thing over and again. The Product Questions and FAQs extension helps you easily create a question answer section along with the following additional benefits.

  • It boosts conversion and revenue by facilitating customers to find answers right on the product page with relevant FAQs.
  • An SEO friendly and dedicated FAQs page ensures maximum exposure in prominent search engines and drives you more traffic.
  • Allowing customers to ask anything that is not covered in the FAQs encourages them to connect with you and gives you the opportunity to convert them.

Customer Benefits

For customers, the FAQs page is a helpful guide to browse different topics and questions without bothering your sales and support team. They feel free to know about your products and business. Following are some of the benefits they enjoy after the addition of FAQs section on your website.

  • With relevant questions, customers can find more aspects of the products that are missing in the description which may help them to take a purchase decision quickly.
  • They can ask a question about anything if the answers are not satisfactory or they have a completely unique query than others.
  • The search box for tags, topics, and FAQs enable them to find a question by entering a few words of their query.

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Reviews & Ratings
  • Exactly what we were looking for

    quote This is great Plugin if you want to display all your FAQs on one page. I was having a minor problem but support team fixed the issue in no time. quote

    Read more
    by: Dani on 6/20/2018
  • Self Service

    quote This functionality has proved to be a very good investment for our web shop. New users are able to get answers very fast from existing FAQs quote

    Read more
    by: Martin on 8/17/2017
  • Brilliant!

    quote This is an amazing Product Questions extension. The settings were very easy to understand and all the features are quite useful. Love the simplicity and the intuitive settings that it brings. quote

    Read more
    by: Barnett on 2/23/2017
  • Perfect for my requirements

    quote I already had a Magento 1 FAQs extension installed and was looking to shift to a Magento 2 version. The best thing was I imported all the previous questions with ease. Highly recommended! quote

    Read more
    by: Lislie on 1/3/2017

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