Events Manager (Sell Tickets) for Magento® 2 (1.0.0)

Magento Events Manager extension allows you to create events for maximizing brand exposure and sales. Sell event tickets online. Add event related attractive images and videos to increase ticket sales. Provided contact person details for quick communication. Enable a calendar view that shows all the upcoming events at a glance. Configure events page for better layout and presentation.
  • Key Features

    • Create Simple & recurring events
    • Create event tickets and sell online
    • Add images, videos Google map for location
    • Configure SEO of event detail & listing page

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Powerful Features of Magento 2 Events Extension

  • Add Attractive Events

    Add events to your business website to grab user attention and reach your targeted audiences.

  • Sell Tickets Online

    Attach tickets and lots of other relevant products to events that eventually boost sales and revenue.

  • Add Images and Videos

    You can Upload Images and embed YouTube Videos for making the events pages more detail oriented.

  • Configure SEO Settings

    Configure SEO settings for the events section as well as individual event to ensure higher search engine visibility.

  • Calendar View and Layout

    Calendar View enables customers to know previous and upcoming events on your website. You can set events page layout as well.

  • Add Contact Person & Location

    Add a Contact Person for quickly responding event related queries. Provide Google map location to easily communicate the venue.

Create Events to Engage Users and Improve Site Traffic

Magento Events Manager extension empowers you to add events to your eCommerce website to reach out a targeted community. You can add a custom title, venue, and description to better describe the purpose of holding an event. Try configuring these options while adding an event.

  • Write custom title and description

    Add an event title that attracts users’ attention at the first glance. You can write a detailed event description and format it with WYSIWYG editor.

  • Set starting and ending date

    Select a starting and ending date of the event with an easy date picker. Let the users know the duration of the event so they can schedule their activities accordingly.

  • Add Images and Videos

    Upload an image from the personal computer according to the event's context. You can add a relevant video by simply adding a link in the YouTube Video URL field,

  • Add a custom URL Prefix

    Add a URL prefix for each event that is easy to understand by the users as well as the search bots. It ensures relevancy of URL to the title and description.

  • Select a Store View

    Assign an event to a selected store view. It allows you to restrict the display of an event to certain store views like English, French, or German.

FME Magento Extensions

Create Recurring Events that Repeat after a Predefined Duration

With Magento 2 Events extension, you can create one-time or recurring events. The one-time event hides automatically from the main events page, whereas the recurring one reappears after a pre-configured duration. Try following configuration options.

  • Add the event as Recurring

    You can create a recurring event and it will repeat automatically according to your preferences.

  • Select to Repeat Daily, Weekly, or Monthly

    Select either to repeat an event on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

  • Add a Repeat Frequency

    Enter the number of repeat frequency like repeat once, twice, or thrice in a week or month.

  • Set the Number of Occurrences

    Define the number of total occurrences so that event repetition stops there.

FME Magento Extensions

Add Images, Videos, and Venue to Each Magento Event

Add images and videos to make an event captivating enough for the users to attend. You can add a Google Map location of the event venue for better navigation.

  • Upload relevant and appropriate images
  • Embed YouTube Videos with a link only
  • Allow users to navigate to the venue over Google Maps
FME Magento Extensions

Provide Contact Person Details for Instant Communication

Specify a concerned person to contact for each event so that the customers get to know the right person to ask event-specific questions. It ensures the customers are guided by the right resource. You can add the following details about the contact person.

  • Name of the contact person
  • Phone and Fax Numbers
  • Email Address
  • Physical or mailing address
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Configure SEO Settings for Better Search Visibility of Events

Magento Events Manager extension lets you configure SEO settings for each event so that customers can find them in search engine results. Additionally, you can configure Meta details for the events listing page as well.

  • Add Meta Details to each Event

    Add a custom title, description, and keywords to make sure the events appear in SERPs and drive you more traffic. The configuration settings also include Meta details for the events landing page, which further improves the online visibility of your website.

  • Write Custom URL Prefix

    Add a custom URL prefix with natural words that are consistent with the event title and understandable for the end users. You can also add a URL prefix for the Events landing page.

FME Magento Extensions

Sell Tickets & Related Products to Maximize Revenue

In addition to improving website traffic and brand exposure, Magento Events manager extension enables you to promote and sell additional products with events. You can sell tickets, branded T-shirts, key chains, etc. for maximizing revenue from an event.

  • Sell Tickets Online

    Clicking on Buy Tickets displays the list of related products as well as the ticket which customers can buy to book their seat.

  • Add Products from the Catalog

    A list of store items appears in the backend to let you easily add products to an event. You can attach relevant products to let the users easily buy it.

FME Magento Extensions

Define Layout for the Landing page, Details, and Calendar Page

Select from a variety of page layouts for the events section. You can either select one column, two columns with left bar, two columns with right bar, or three column layout for;

  • The landing page that showcases all the events,
  • Detail Page that carries all the information about events, and
  • Calendar Page that gives a clear view of the date vise events
FME Magento Extensions

Add a Link to Events Landing Page in the Header and Footer

Add customized links to the events section in the header as well as the footer of your website so that users can access it straight away.

  • Add header links for the events
  • Write custom title for header links
  • Enable Footer links
  • Customize Footer links title
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Additional Features of Magento 2 Features

  • Show map on hovering the address
  • Show breadcrumbs
  • Write an Error message if no event is added to a day
  • Customize the event expiry message
  • Connect Events Calendar Page to the main page
  • Set the number of events to display on calendar popup
  • Manage event gallery
  • Enable, disable, edit, or delete events
  • Export all the events in CSV/XML file for backup or importing to another store

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  • Good Addition To Magento

    quote Very responsive team, addressed my queries quickly and customised for a good price. Features and function extension made for a very happy client. quote

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    by: Ross_Knight on 12/20/17
  • Great Extension

    quote Thanks for the quick support, the extension looks perfect now. quote

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    by: Nick on 12/20/17

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