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How to Configure Invoice Comments in Magento 2?

How to Configure Invoice Comments in Magento 2?

An invoice includes details such as the ordered product name, product price, quantity, subtotal and other payment details. Customers can check invoice details from their account to see what product(s) they have ordered and how much they have been charged.

Magento 2 allows merchants to attach any order related comments with an invoice. They can also configure invoice comments in Magento 2 to send invoice email copy to multiple email addresses, select the email sender and template.

Merchants can choose to display the invoice comments on the frontend by going to Sales -> Invoices and clicking on the order with which they wish to attach comments.

They can enter comments and check the checkboxes as shown below.

add invoice comments in magento 2

It displays the invoice comment on the frontend like this.

invoice comments on frontend

Configure Invoice Comments in Magento 2

  • Login to Magento 2 admin panel
  • Go to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration
  • Scroll down and Under Sales select Sales Emails
  • Expand the Invoice Comments section
setup invoice comments in magento 2

Now, you can configure the following options.

  • Enabled: By default, it is set to ‘Yes’ which means that the invoice comment email will be sent to customers after they have placed the order.
  • Invoice Comment Email Sender: Select the person from whom you want to send the invoice comment email.
  • Invoice Comment Email Template: Choose the email template based on your requirements.
  • Invoice Comment Email Template for Guests: Select the email template for customers who have not created an account on your store.
  • Send Invoice Comment Email Copy To: Enter comma separated email addresses to whom you want to send a copy of the invoice comment email.
  • Send Invoice Comments Email Copy Method: Select either Bcc (Blind carbon copy) or separate email copy. This will send either a copy of the email or a separate email.
  • Click Save Config.

That’s all about configuring invoice comments in Magento 2.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask our support team.

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