Top 10 Magento 2 Hide Price Extensions 2023

Top 10 Magento 2 Hide Price Extensions 2023
Magento 2 Hide Price extension gives e-commerce store owners the ability to control the visibility of product prices on their Magento 2 websites. This extension comes in handy for various reasons, including implementing pricing strategies, managing user roles, adhering to business-to-business (B2B) practices, or creating a more exclusive shopping experience.

Top 10 Magento 2 Hide Price Extensions 2023

We have conducted the research so that you don't have to. Here's is a curated list of the top 10 Magento 2 hide price extensions.

1. Hide Price & Add to Cart Button for Magento 2 by FMEextensions

Renowned for quality and professionalism, FME stands among the top Magento developers, ensuring their products meet high standards.

With the Magento 2 Hide Price extension from FME, you gain control over price visibility on every product and category page. Customize your display by replacing the price tag and 'Add to Cart' button with custom text, links, images, or even a quote form. Craft rules to selectively restrict price displays based on specific products, customers, customer groups, countries, and store views, offering a comprehensive solution for tailored pricing strategies.

  • Conceal prices and the "Add to Cart" option for designated products and categories
  • Substitute product prices and "Add to Cart" with custom text, images, or a quote form
  • Direct customers to any chosen store page
  • Enable price hiding based on specific store views, customer groups, and countries
  • Back-office inquiries undergo thorough review and prompt responses
  • Email alerts are dispatched to both businesses and customers
  • Conceal costs associated with cross-selling, up-selling, and related items
  • Implement rules for a specified time frame
Price: $99.99

2. Hide Price for Magento 2 by Amasty

Amasty is a dedicated products company committed to producing user-friendly extensions. With a focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on their products for the sustainable development of your website.

To enhance the flexibility of your pricing policy, the Hide Price extension from Amasty offers features that enable efficient price management based on customer groups. Additionally, it allows customization of button texts and messages, providing you with maximal control over your pricing strategy.

  • Conceal prices on designated product and category pages
  • Deactivate 'Add to Cart,' 'Wishlist,' and 'Comparison'
  • Implement a customizable button to replace 'Add to Cart'
  • Collect customer data through a pop-up
  • Redirect customers to any desired store page
Price: $169

3. Control Price Display by MageMe

MageMe is renowned for delivering top-notch extensions and providing swift support to customers. With years of experience, you can confidently rely on this supplier's commitment to delivering high-quality products.

The Magento 2 Hide Price extension from MageMe empowers you to meet your specific requirements without incurring additional customization costs. It provides a straightforward set of controls, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective solution for your needs.

  • Deactivate direct sales functionality
  • Conceal prices throughout the Magento catalog
  • Remove the "Add to Cart," "Add to Wishlist," and "Add to Compare" buttons
  • Opt to hide the price and display custom HTML text or an alert button
  • Configure for multiple stores. Implement price hiding for specific categories and individual products
Price: $99

4. Magento 2 Hide Price by Mageplaza

Mageplaza provides an extensive selection of top-tier modules tailored for online merchants and developers in search of premium extensions for their Magento 2 stores.

Among their offerings, the High Price extension stands out as an excellent solution for Magento 2 businesses seeking to regulate price visibility. This enhanced feature not only facilitates direct communication between customers and stores but also assists administrators in effortlessly overseeing and adjusting product prices.

  • Offers API/GraphQL support
  • Automatically hide prices based on predefined rules
  • Conceal prices for viewers as needed
  • Utilize customer groups for price access control
  • Generate detailed reports on price requests for comprehensive insights
Price: $129

5. Magento 2 Hide Price by MageComp

Bringing 8 years of expertise in delivering Magento extension products, MageComp is steadfast in its commitment to quality. This dedication fosters enduring and trustworthy relationships with its customers.

The Magento 2 Hide Product Price Extension by MageComp empowers store owners to conceal product prices and the 'Add to Cart' button, catering specifically to guest or non-registered users and designated customer groups. This feature strategically manages the visibility of product prices, encouraging users to register on your store for an enhanced experience.

  • Choose to display or conceal product prices
  • Replace the 'Add to Cart' button as needed
  • Customize the button title according to preferences
  • Access REST API and GraphQL API for seamless integration
  • Implement price hiding for specific customer groups
Price: $49

6. Hide Price for Magento 2 by Aheadworks

AheadWorks, a pioneer in Magento 1 and Magento 2 solutions, lives up to its slogan of bringing innovations to life through cutting-edge extensions, templates, and themes, staying ahead of eCommerce trends.

Embracing the Hidden Price trend in online stores, AheadWorks introduces Hide Price, a feature-rich product designed to cater to evolving market needs. This extension offers a versatile pricing strategy by allowing the concealment of prices from specific products or designated customer groups.

  • Conceal prices or the "Add to Cart" button for designated products, categories, and customer groups
  • Restrict specific customers or customer groups from accessing price information
  • Personalize the button message to align with your unique pricing policy
  • Link the customized button to any page within your store
  • Modify the CSS style of the replacement links to suit your design preferences
Price: $149

7. Hide Price & Call For Price by Xtento

Established in 2010, XTENTO has been a trusted provider of high-quality Magento extensions and integrations, catering to a diverse customer base, from small enterprises to large corporations worldwide. The reliability of the products offered by this company is unquestionable.

With the Hide Price & Call For Price extension, XTENTO empowers you to exert complete control over price display settings and the "add to cart" functionality. This extension streamlines the enforcement of pricing policies, offering configurable details and fine-grained settings that are both flexible and user-friendly.

  • Deactivate or replace prices and "add to cart" with customizable buttons, text, or images
  • Conceal product prices for specific customers, prompting them to register
  • Configuration options include shop-wide, customer group-specific, category-based, and even individual product settings
  • Exercise the ability to entirely deactivate customer registration, shopping cart, and checkout functionalities
Price: $129

8. Magento 2 Hide Price by Meetanshi

Entering the Magento development market in 2017, Meetanshin swiftly earned customer appreciation and trust. If you're considering adding a hidden price feature to your store, Meetanshi's products are an excellent choice.

The Magento 2 Hide Price extension from Meetanshi discreetly conceals the product price and "Add to Cart" button for specified customer groups and categories. This feature fosters a personalized approach and facilitates the organization of private sales in Magento 2 stores.

  • Conceal product prices for individual customers or specific customer groups
  • Globally hide prices or selectively in a designated category or product
  • Remove the "Add to Cart" button as needed
  • Customize text to replace prices or buttons according to your preferences

9. Magento 2 Hide Price by LandofCoder

Hide price extension from LandofCoder owners merchants to control the visibility of prices based on specific conditions, providing flexibility in pricing strategies. With features such as the ability to hide prices for individual products, specific categories, or chosen customer groups, this extension allows merchants to tailor their pricing display according to their business needs. The extension also provides options to hide the "Add to Cart" button, allowing for a more customized and personalized shopping experience.

Price: $128

10. Magento 2 Hide Price by BSSCommerce

With a decade of expertise in the Magento extension market, BSS Commerce stands out as a trustworthy provider. BSSCommerce offers one of the most feature rich Magento 2 hide price extensions. This extension allows you to conceal prices for multiple specific products, chosen categories, selected customer groups, and numerous individual customers. Features: 
  • Conceal prices for designated products, categories, and specific customers
  • Independently hide prices and "Add to Cart" functionality
  • Support data transfer via REST API
  • Compatibility with Hyva Theme, Porto Theme, and Codazon's Fastest and Infinit
  • Enable the application of hidden prices to the child products of configurable items
Price: $79  


The realm of e-commerce is dynamic and ever-evolving, and the importance of flexible pricing strategies cannot be overstated. The Top 10 Magento 2 Hide Price Extensions presented in this blog post showcase a diverse range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of online merchants. Whether you aim to selectively conceal prices for specific products, customer groups, or implement dynamic pricing rules, these extensions offer a wealth of features to empower you in optimizing your pricing strategy.

As you navigate the complex landscape of e-commerce, consider the distinctive features, ease of use, and compatibility of each extension with your Magento 2 store. Ultimately, the goal is to strike the right balance between user experience and strategic pricing, enhancing your store's competitiveness and customer engagement.

Choose the Magento 2 Hide Price extension that aligns seamlessly with your business objectives, and embark on a journey towards a more personalized, user-friendly, and strategically priced online store. May your choice lead to increased customer satisfaction, improved conversion rates, and overall success in your e-commerce endeavors.