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One Product-So Many Vendors-How to Be Unique?

One Product-So Many Vendors-How to Be Unique?

Just like any traditional business, e-merchants need to provide unique experience to visitors when one product is available by different vendors in the market. Walking on a street, visiting different shops physically is tiresome task, so customers may end up buying in something more costly or less productive even when the better solution exists nearby them. But when they are online, this is not the case; it only takes Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or any internet browser to compare dozens of merchants at once. Furthermore, people are able to post reviews online, rate products and do the stuff that makes a picture more clear.

See the below images, one product from two different sources, which one will you buy? Once you have made the decision, think about which factors you counted for making a decision. That’s the simplest answer, but here is a short checklist to keep in mind when designing your website to make sure you become the right source for customers.

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Perfect Product Page

Product page is the place from where customers will checkout, where they will find all the information. Not only the information, but its design is also critical. Complicated design with useful information is really not worthy. Most importantly, add FAQs on product/service pages, Ask a questions form, testimonials, ratings and social sharing buttons. All these features are available in following two Magento extensions.

Targeted Content and Product Description

Don’t be philosophical; try to be simple and straightforward. A key to a successful and conversional content is to write it according to the type of audience. If you are selling baby toys, then there is no need to be too complicated and technical.

Why Should Customers Buy Your Product?

Here it is the most important point, why would customers leave out your competitors and buy from you? You know that you have spent day and night working for your company’s success but your customers don’t know it. They only know you as to how they perceive you based on your website, product pages etc. So list the benefits and reasons that make you unique and compelling such as unique product pages, discounts, better service etc.

 After Sales Support

The most important thing, as you may already know. Don’t forget it ever,  be generous and provide healthy support afterwards.

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