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Implementing Referral Management System in Magento – Refer a Friend

Implementing Referral Management System in Magento – Refer a Friend
Referral System is helpful for both customers and merchants. For this reason, FME has released a wonderful refer a friend Magento extension for referral rewards system. This 99 dollars extension enables customers to refer your website or products through social media or by email and gain benefits such as price discounts. This magento referral module is fully automated, which means it runs at its own. You just need to configure referral rules and nothing else. You can reward your customers for referrals on following bases:
  • On referrer sign-up
  • On number of items purchased
  • On total referral purchase amount
invite a friend magento extension demo
The discount amount can be fixed or in percentage. You can also set the target number as a threshold for referral rewards. Refer a friend Magento extension is a great way of words of mouth marketing because your customers serve as a testimonial to those whom they refer. This brings traffic on your website that actually converts very well, which also increases the ROI from this marketing strategy. Another great purpose this invite a friend module achieves is that it leverages marketing efforts to your customers. People love to get discounts, group deals etc., so if you offer them incentives for referrals, they will market your products at their own. The results will be that you will get more satisfied customers quickly. Refer a friend marketing channel also establishes your brand and reputation.  When people refer your brand to others, your popularity grows and direct traffic to your website increases. Finally, search engines do take this into account that more and more people are referring to your site, and hence you get good ranks in search engines result pages. Following are the technical benefits of this Magento referral system plugin: Key Features - Magento Refer A Friend:
  • Implement referral management system on your website.
  • Offer rewards to customers on the bases of referrer signup, number of items purchased and total referral purchase amount.
  • Define max discount amount and order value on which the reward will be offered.
  • Multi-store enabled
  • The module is fully automated; you can configure rules for referrals so that everything happens without your intervention.
  • Magento referral tracking and Stats are available to the admin.
  • Customers can invite friends by email or by sharing on social media.
  • At a time, customers can send four requests to their friends.
  • Referral rewards are supported for both new and existing customers.
  • Discounts are visible in the cart for redemption.
magento refer a friend
Magento referral Magento invite a friend   Find more information on DEMOs or visit product page to view all features.