OtherJanuary 30, 2013

Enhance User Experience to Get More Sales

Enhance User Experience to Get More Sales

People who need to buy something from online stores always look to have a fast, easy to go and hassle free store. if user is happily navigating through your web store and finding no difficulty he will prefer your store to buy products. Magento is most effective Ecommerce platform yet because of its extensive features and it took care of every aspect of online shopping. And to enhance user experience FME offers you few plugins having potential to provide effective user experience.

Ajax Catalog Pro

People are not happy with Page reloads and it could create negative impact if people have to go through page reloads to view products. Ajax Catalog pro helps you providing smooth user experience to your buyers. It makes product view easy by eliminating page reload factor.

Ajax Catalog Pro Extension works in an easy manner it provides two options to view products. Either buyers can click on “View More” button or plugin will auto reload once buyer have scrolled to the bottom.

Mobile users and other small devices user would likely to buy from your store because they don’t have to wait for reloads or go through navigation. Get Ajax Catalog Pro as it’s quite easy to install and configure along with free support and free upgrades.

One Step Checkout

Complicated checkout systems increases cart abandonment and that is defiantly what you don’t want. Online stores are made to sell goods so they need to have an easily understandable, simple and user friendly checkout with multiple payment modes to grab more clients.

Let’s talk about FME’s best creation yet named One Step Checkout. This revolutionary plugin converts your 6 page checkout into one page simple checkout. Buyers won’t risk their money if they have to go through a complicated checkout system. Gain their trust and increase user experience by offering them FME’s one step checkout to make their checkout process easy and smooth.

Product Quick View

This is a product of FME which will bring a huge difference among you and your competitors. Increase user experience by providing user most efficient and quickest product view. This plugin makes buying and viewing a product quick and easy for user.

Extension works in a fine way by allowing user to see important features of a product by clicking on quick view by doing mouse over on product. Clicking on product will bring you a pop up having “add to cart”, “add to wish list” and other important details about product. Buyers can easily buy, add to wish list and view the product via Product Quick View.