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5 Ways to Restore a Canceled Order in Magento 2

5 Ways to Restore a Canceled Order in Magento 2
Magento 2 is a powerful eCommerce platform that offers extensive features and flexibility. However, one common scenario that merchants often face is dealing with canceled orders. Once an order is canceled in Magento 2, it cannot be directly reinstated through the default system settings. This limitation can be a hurdle, but there are several methods to effectively manage and possibly restore these orders. Here, we explore various ways, explaining each in an easily understandable manner.

5 Methods to Restore Canceled Orders in Magento 2

1. Recreate the Order Manually

Perhaps the simplest way to handle a canceled order in Magento 2 is to recreate it manually. This method doesn't technically restore the canceled order but creates a new one with the same details.


  • Log into your Magento 2 admin panel.
  • Go to Sales > Orders.
  • Locate the canceled order you wish to recreate.
  • Click on View to see the order details. Here, you can select Reorder. This action will create a new order with the same items as the canceled order.
  • All the fields in the Account and Address Information sections will load with the canceled order details. You can make any necessary changes and click on Submit Order to complete the order. A new order with the same details as the canceled order one has been created.

2. Using a Custom Extension

There are third-party extensions available for Magento 2 that provide the functionality to "uncancel" orders. These extensions can be a lifesaver that adds a feature to restore orders directly from the admin panel.


  • Find a reliable extension that offers 'uncancel' features. Make sure to select one that is compatible with your version of Magento 2.
  • Follow the provider's instructions to install and configure the extension on your Magento 2 store.
  • Go to Sales > Orders.
  • You can select one or multiple canceled orders and click the Restore Order option in the Actions drop down to uncancel orders in bulk.
  • You can also click on View against a specific canceled order to view the order details. Here, you can click on the 'Restore Order' option on the top right to restore that order.

3. Database Update (For Advanced Users)

This method involves directly modifying the order status in the Magento database. It is a technical approach and should only be undertaken by those with experience in database management.


  • Access the Database: Use a tool like phpMyAdmin to access your Magento database.
  • Locate the Order: Find the sales_order table and search for the canceled order.
  • Edit the Status: Change the order status from 'canceled' to the desired status (like 'pending').
Caution: This method can lead to data inconsistency if not done correctly. It's highly recommended to backup your database before making any changes.

4. Contact the Customer

Sometimes, the best solution is the direct approach. If the order was canceled due to an issue that's now resolved, you could simply contact the customer and ask them to place the order again.


  • Find the contact information of the customer from the canceled order details.
  • Contact the customer, explain the situation, and request them to reorder.

5. Custom Code Solution

For those with coding skills, writing a custom script to change the order status is a viable option. This requires a good understanding of Magento 2's architecture and programming.


  • Write a script that can change the status of an order in the Magento database.
  • Ensure that the script works correctly in a testing environment before deploying it on your live site.


Restoring a canceled order in Magento 2 requires a bit of creativity and workaround, as the platform doesn't support this feature by default. Whether it's through manual recreation, using an extension, diving into the database, reaching out to the customer, or coding a custom solution, each method has its merits and challenges. Choose the one that best fits your skill level and business needs, and always ensure to have backups before making significant changes to your store.