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Custom Popups for Magento® 2 (1.0.0)

Magento 2 Popup extension helps you display popups on any page of your eCommerce website to grab user attention or convey important messages. Stylize the popup window with text, design, and transition effects. Select trigger events to display popup at the right time. Restrict popups to store views. Show them on various categories, CMS pages, and checkout page. Set conditions to make the popup appear on specific products.
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  • Key Features

    • Add Attractive Popups to Your Website
    • Customize Popup Text, Design, & Effects
    • Restrict Popups to Selected Store Views
    • Set Trigger Event For Displaying Popups
    • Display Popups on Category, CMS Page & Checkout
    • Conditions to Display Popups on Specific Products

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Powerful Features of Magento 2 Custom Popup

  • Display Captivating Popups

    Magento 2 Popup extension helps you quickly add popups on an eCommerce website to start grabbing user attention.

  • Beautify Popups with Design & Effects

    Add a custom design code to configure the size and layout of the popup. Extensive popup effects are also available.

  • Restrict Popups to Store views

    You can select store views to restrict the display of popups to certain users. This helps you show promotions to a relevant audience.

  • Configure Popup Trigger Event

    Select an event for displaying a popup window. Let the popup appear when the page loads, after a few seconds of page load, or page scroll percentage.

  • Display Popups on Category, CMS pages, & Checkout

    Choose categories and CMS pages to highlight the popup content. You can display them on the checkout as well.

  • Show Popups on Specific Products

    Set conditions on product attributes to display popups on specific products. With this Magento 2 Popup extension, you can set multiple conditions as well.

Add Beautiful Popups for Your Store

With this Popup extension for Magento 2, you can create an unlimited number of popups to beautifully communicate new products, discount offers, deals, and discounts, or anything you aim to highlight.

FME Magento Extensions

Personalize Popups with Design & Captivating Effects

Create Popup in Magento 2 store and utilize design option to modify the style, size, and appearance of the popup window. Additionally, you can add effects to make the popup more appealing. Select an effect from;

  • Fade Zoom
  • Fade Slide
  • Newspaper
  • Horizontal Move
  • Move from Top
  • 3D Fold
  • Zoom out
FME Magento Extensions

Limit Popups to Specific Store Views

You have the power to limit the display of popups to specific store views. Select the store view you want to cater and the users coming through the rest of the store views will be banned from viewing popups.

FME Magento Extensions

Select a Popup Trigger Event

You can select a trigger event to display popups at the most suitable time or event. You can choose an event that better describes the common consumer behavior of your target audience. Events to select from includes;

  • Once the page is loaded
  • X seconds after the page is loaded
  • Once the page is scrolled by X%
  • Once the cursor is moved outside the page
FME Magento Extensions

Show Popups on Categories, CMS pages & Checkout

Select as many categories and CMS pages as you want to display a popup window. You can also choose the popups to appear on the checkout page.

FME Magento Extensions

Set Conditional Popup Display on Specific Products

You can set various conditions with respect to the product attributes so that the popup for Magento 2 store appears only on specific products that meet the defined conditions.

FME Magento Extensions

Utilize WYSIWYG Editor to Format Popup Text

Magento 2 popup extension comes with an advanced WYSIWYG editor so that you can craft and format eye-catchy messages for the popup window.

FME Magento Extensions

Additional Features

  • Write a custom Popup Title
  • Enter Value of X for the Popup Trigger Event
  • Set a position for the Popup

Merchant Benefits

  • Increase Sales and conversions by displaying hot products and lucrative deals to your customers in popup windows.
  • With exit Popup Magento 2 extension, you can display captivating images, deals & discounts in popups to grab user attention.
  • Save the cost of promoting a product as you can do so right on your website with highly engaging popup messages.

Customer Benefits

  • Customers get to know about your latest product addition or deals and discounts that they usually ignore in a sidebar.
  • The event triggered popup display is not annoying for the customers. So, they comfortable reading the popup content.
  • With store view restrictions, the customers get only relevant popup messages.

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    quote A responsive popup window to display images in different styles & animations. Trigger event for displaying popup window is an excellent feature. quote

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    by: stan57 on 9/28/2018

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