CSV Based Pricing for Magento® 2 (1.1.5)

Magento 2 CSV Based Pricing extension upgrades your store’s pricing functionality by allowing you to price products based on a CSV file. With this extension, you can sell variable size products such as blinds, tiles, carpets, wallpapers, and similar items. It works by uploading a CSV file that contains prices with respect to 2-dimensions and their measurement sizes. Once uploaded, on the frontend, your customer will be able to enter the required measurement and this extension will display the exact price by matching the measurement values from the CSV files. The merchants can sell single or 2-dimensional products and can create custom fields to take measurement in length, width, height, weight or any other dimension type that meets their product requirements.
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  • Key Features

    • Product Pricing through CSV / Excel Sheet
    • Supports 2-Dimensional Pricing
    • Use Any 2 Dimensions Like Length, Width, Height, Weight etc,
    • Upload CSV Pricing Files for Each Product
    • Five Measurements Units: meter, mm, cm, feet, inches

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Powerful Features

  • 2 Dimensional Pricing

    This 2 dimensional pricing extension allows your customers to enter their measurements in length, width or height.

  • Upload CSV File

    You can create a custom pricing sheet by entering data in the matrix of the CSV file and upload it to your website

  • Product Specific and Global Settings

    To optimize your store you can select single product or multiple products to attach with your CSV file from Global settings

  • Calculates in Fractions

    Customers can enter their measurements in fractions/decimals and this extension will calculate the precise price of the product

  • Five Measurement Units

    You can sell products of variable sizes with respect to their appropriate units such as meter, mm, cm, feet, and inches

  • Percentage Price

    By enabling this feature your product price is converted into percentage price by adding percentage of CSV to Base price

How Magento 2 CSV Pricing extension Works

FME’s CSV pricing extension is easy to use and you can get started in four simple steps.

  • Simply import CSV pricing file from your supplier or create a new CSV file by entering your product prices with respect to dimensions such as length, width or height.
  • Upload the CSV file and attach to single or multiple products to price them
  • Create Custom options from product edit sheet to take measurement from customer. You can name new custom fields as length, width, height, weight or use any other dimension titles that suits your product type.
  • Area pricing is now functional. On product page, your customers can now enter the measurement to get the exact price of the product. The price is displayed from the CSV file by matching the measurement value.
FME Magento Extensions

Application of Magento 2 CSV Pricing Extension

CSV pricing can be used on Magento 2 stores that sell all kinds of 2 dimensional variable sized products. Here are some examples.

  • Sell Carpet - Configurable Product - Demo
  • Tiles - Demo
  • Wallpaper Sheets- Demo
  • Flooring - Demo
  • Rugs - Demo
  • Blinds - Demo
  • Banners & Ads Printing - Demo
  • Print Art - Demo

Check CSV Pricing Uses Cases with Examples Here

FME Magento Extensions

Supports Five Measurement Units

You can set pricing with 5 different measurement units with CSV based pricing extension

    • Meter
    • Centimeter
    • Millimeter
    • Inches
    • Feet
FME Magento Extensions

Configuration settings

Configurable options allow you to label rows and columns for pricing.

  • Rows

    Label the rows of your CSV file to set the price of your product through CSV file.

  • Columns

    Label the columns of your CSV file to set the price of your product through CSV file.

FME Magento Extensions

More Features

  • Custom message for minimum value & maximum value
  • Customize message for size not found message
  • Example CSV file included
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Reviews & Ratings
  • An intelligent pricing extension

    quote An intelligent extension to calculate pricing of products having complex pricing structure. quote

    Read more
    by: Roots on 9/5/2018
  • Job Done Fast

    quote The CSV functionality allowed me to have just one Simple product rather than 100s of combinations which would have taken a lot of time. quote

    Read more
    by: Adeel on 8/17/2017
  • Best pricing extension out there

    quote I'm a developer myself so tried to do this myself but hit a lot of roadblock. Finally purchased the extension and it saved me a lot of hours of coding. Thanks quote

    Read more
    by: Flint on 2/23/2017
  • Excellent extension & excellent support

    quote We have been looking for a Matrix extension for our carpet store, and this one is have done the job. We were using another extension which was a headache to use. Installing CSV Pricing was simple and the support has been superb! quote

    Read more
    by: Jannis on 1/3/2017

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