SEO Images Alt Tags for Magento® 2 (1.0.0)

Magento 2 Images Alt Tags extension improves the search engine rankings of your website and images by adding alternative text to the product images. You can personalize the image alt tags by adding default values with respect to product attributes like product name, SKU, category, and price. The extension also helps you change the product image names automatically with selected values.
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    • Add SEO Friendly Product Images Alt Tags
    • Select Product Attributes To Include In Alt Tags
    • Change Image Names With Default Product Values

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Powerful Features of Magento 2 Images Alt Tags

  • Create SEO Images Alt Tags

    Magento SEO images alt tags extension automatically adds alternative text to your product images to make the search engine understand and rank accordingly.

  • Add Default Values for Alt Tags

    You can select product name, SKU, Category, or Price as default values for the creation of SEO alt tags for the product images.

  • Auto Change Product Image Names

    Select default values to configure auto change the product image names for better optimization.

Auto-Create Alt Tags for Product Images

Magento SEO Images Alt tags extension helps you optimize product images with informative alternative text. It helps to describe each product image to search engine crawlers and the end users.

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Configure Values for Auto Alt Tags Creation

With this Magento 2 Image Alt Text extension, you can set default values for the creation of product images alternative text. You can set the default values to be,

  • Product Name
  • Product SKU
  • Category name
  • Product Price
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Change Product Images Names Instantly

Magento 2 images alt tags extension automatically changes the image names to descriptive ones. Make it easier for the users to understand the relevance of the image with the product. Configure a structure for the image name change.

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Merchant Benefits

  • Avail higher search engine ranking score with SEO friendly alt tags for the product images.
  • Bring more traffic and potential customers to your website by making sure the product images appear in searches.
  • Save the valuable time of your staff in automating the creation of image alt text and names.

Customer Benefits

  • Customers can easily find your products by images that appear in searches.
  • Customers get to know the purpose of content through alternative text if the image is not available.
  • Visually impaired users of your website can get the message if they are using screen readers.

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