Advance Testimonials (2.6.1)

Magento Testimonial Extension collects reviews from your happy customers to make your store a trustworthy shopping place and improve conversions. It helps you display customers’ reviews on various website pages in a customizable block. Magento Reviews extension allows your customers to post testimonials in an easy-to-fill form.
  • Key Features

    • Separate Reviews Page with 4 Layouts
    • Smart Testimonial Form with configurable fields
    • Email Notifications For Customers & Admin
    • Testimonial Block To Highlight Reviews

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Powerful Features of Magento Review Extension

  • Configurable Testimonial Form

    Facilitate your customers with a speedy process of posting a review with the help of quick testimonial form. You can add four custom fields in form to obtain additional information.

  • Export testimonials

    You can export testimonials either in CSV or XML file format. Have backup of the testimonials to get them published on a revamped website with a few clicks.

  • Email Notifications

    Configure sending of emails to client and moderator. Write a custom email Subject and select an email template for both the moderator and the client.

  • Layout Options

    Magento customer reviews extension allows you to select from 4 available layouts for testimonials page for the convenience of customers.

  • Testimonials Block

    Display user reviews anywhere on your website with the help of testimonials block.

  • Add & Approve Testimonials

    You can manually approve or disapprove testimonials to prevent spam, abusive and irrelevant reviews.

Advance Magento Testimonials Extension

This module is equipped with useful features that assure credibility and high conversion rates. The core purpose of Magento reviews module is to collect testimonials from your happy customers and display them in a logical order to gain visitors’ trust and help them take quick purchase decisions.

Enable customers and visitors to share their thoughts, experiences and appreciation about your products or services in a quick and customizable form. You can export the testimonials in a file that can either be kept as backup or imported to another store you own. A layout from the available 4 themes can be selected for the testimonials page to make it more appealing and attractive.

A set of testimonials can also be shown in a block at any page of the website that catches customers’ attention. The extension also empowers you to approve or reject a testimonial to prevent spamming and irrelevant posts. Email notifications can also be enabled to keep the customer and moderator informed about changes and approvals.

Add Testimonials From Backend

You can add testimonials on behalf of your customers to save their valuable time.

  • Testimonial Information

    • Company
    • Contact Name
    • SEF URL Identifier
    • Picture
    • Email, Website URL
    • Order / Position
    • Mark As Featured
    • Store View
    • Status
    • Testimonial Short Description
    • Testimonial
  • META Information

    • Meta Title
    • Meta Keywords
    • Meta Description

Testimonials Display Settings

Add image and customize the display settings to make the testimonials more appealing.

  • Show customer Image with Testimonials
  • Sort Testimonials by latest or given order
  • Allow Read More Link on testimonial page

Add Testimonials Settings

Magento customer feedback extension encourages your customers to share their honest opinion about your products and services.

  • Select who can post testimonial – Guest or registered customer
  • Need Admin Approval to post review – Yes / No
  • Select form opening style to slide, popup or new page

Add Custom Fields to the Review Form

Add up to 4 custom fields to the testimonial form that helps you collect more information about your happy customers.

  • Show and hide form fields

    • Company Name
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Email
    • Website
    • Contact Photo
  • Add Custom Form Fields

    • Add up to 4 new custom fields in testimonial form

Block Options in Magento Reviews Extension

Customize the testimonials block to make more out of the reviews published on your website such as:

  • Enable / Disable Testimonials Block
  • Set block type to show random or featured testimonials
  • Set the Block Title
  • Set the Number of Testimonials to be displayed on testimonial block
  • Allow Read More Link
  • Set the testimonial Sliding Effect to fade or scroll
  • Set the Slider Effect Duration
  • Enable or disable Pagination

4 Different Themes

Select a layout in testimonials Magento extension which is suitable for the design of your website, and creates convenience for your customers.

  • Select from the 4 different layout options included in customer reviews extension for testimonial page.

Email Notification Settings

Set email subject and template for quick communication with customers. You can set email notifications to keep them informed about changes in testimonials.

  • Select the E-mail Sender
  • Enable Notification For Moderator
  • Enter E-mail address Of Testimonial Moderator
  • Enter E-mail Subject For Moderator
  • Select E-mail Template For Moderator
  • Enable Email Notification For Client
  • Enter E-mail Subject For Client
  • Enter E-mail Template For Client

Export to CSV:

Export testimonials in CSV or XML format as a backup. These files can be imported to other online stores you own, which saves time.

  • You can Export the Testimonials to a CSV or XML file
  • Select the type of file you would like to Save As and Click on Export

SEO Settings

Configure SEO Settings to ensure maximum online visibility of your store.

  • Set Meta Title, Description and Keywords for testimonial page
  • You can set the SEF URL Identifier by editing the text in field
  • URL Suffix to rank higher in search results

Merchant Benefits

Merchants can increase credibility of their stores, as a great majority of shoppers are likely to place orders after reading testimonials. With installation of additional testimonial extension, you can avail the following benefits.

  • Allow your customers to post their loyal thoughts about products and services in form of testimonials.
  • It increases conversion rate of your online business, as the new visitors trust your store after reading your customers’ opinion.
  • Your satisfied customers become your brand ambassadors by endorsing your products or services in testimonials.

Customer Benefits

Customers are often confused in buying a product or availing a service. Customer testimonials on a website catch their attention, which turns them to read some of the testimonials and take a decision.

  • Customers can read the testimonials and form a positive opinion about your products and services.
  • In the testimonials, they can find like-minded people and read their views about a product or service they have consumed.
  • With Additional Testimonial Extension, they can share their thoughts along with an image, their company name and contact details.

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Reviews & Ratings
  • Thumbs up guys

    quote Advance Testimonials is a great solution for Magento store owners. Very much feautures and a great Support! FME is a company that knows Magento as it should be! Thumbs up guys. (Magento Connect) quote

    Read more
    by: Armand on 6/9/2012
  • I love a Good testimonial

    quote Nothing better than a word from your clients ... Since FME has helped me with convincing my increased sales i am obliged to write a review to let everyone know that this is a sweet extension. Grab it and increase your sales! quote

    Read more
    by: Adnan on 4/7/2012
  • Works great with 1.6.2 .... A Must Have

    quote Tried and tested ... Superb Configuration features. Gives me a lot of control to choose what I would like to have displayed. Keep up the good work Guys quote

    Read more
    by: webber on 4/4/2012
  • I never buy a product without reading the reviews

    quote I have multiple stores and know for a fact that visitors read reviews of a product before buying ... I have to provide my visitors a way to leave some feedback from my store. Advance Testimonials lets you do just that. Nicely Done!!!! quote

    Read more
    by: Rizoo on 3/16/2012
  • exactly what i was looking for!

    quote Am super satisfied with this extension it's worth the investment i already have positive results now when clients say they are happy with our service we forward them the link and they can add their testimonial.

    Works good quote

    Read more
    by: Sebastien on 5/22/2011

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