Advance FAQ Management (2.4.0)

Magento FAQ extension enables you to create a separate FAQs page to help your customers find detailed answers to their queries. You can categorize the FAQs in various topics, so that users can quickly find relevant . An FAQs block is also provided that highlights a set of questions on any page of your website. To make the FAQs appealing, you can enable accordion style and select between 5 available themes offered in FAQ Magento extension. Checkout our Magento 2 FAQ extension
  • Key Features

    • Separate FAQs Page With 5 Layout Options
    • Create Multiple FAQs Categories / Topics
    • FAQ Block To Show Topics On CMS Pages
    • WYSIWYG editor, Accordion Style & FAQ Rating

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    45 Days Moneyback Guarantee

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    Meet Magento Standards

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Powerful Features of Magento FAQ Extension

  • Dedicated FAQs Page

    Magento FAQ module creates a dedicated FAQ page on your magento store, where your customers can easily find answers to their questions.

  • 5 Theme Options

    Select between 5 available themes to display FAQs in a more appealing manner. You can change it frequently to keep your store looking fresh.

  • Add Unlimited FAQs Topics

    You can create topics for FAQs to cover more products, services and brands you deal. It saves customers time in finding an answer to a question

  • FAQs Block

    Enable a block to display FAQs in the most prominent place of your web store that facilitates customers with queries relevant to their questions.

  • Accordion Style

    You can enable accordion style for the questions to allow customers read the relevant content and hide the rest.

  • Advance FAQ Search

    You can empower customers with a quick and convenient question search by enabling advance FAQ search.

Landing Page for FAQs

This extension creates a separate Magento FAQ page for customers’ convenience.

  • 5 Layout Options

    FAQ extension for Magento is equipped with 5 captivating themes to enable you in selecting a layout you prefer the most.

  • Advance FAQ Search

    You can enable Advance FAQ Search to save customers’ time in finding answers to a question they have in mind.

Create Topics for FAQs – Easy Categorization

You can create more FAQ topics to cover more areas, concepts, products and services you deal.

  • Enter Category Name
  • Customize Category URL
  • Show / hide from the main FAQs page
  • Enter the Order / Position Of Category
  • Select Store View

WYSING Editor in Magento FAQ Module

You can create as many FAQs as you want to address an issue in detail. To format the content, you can use WYSIWYG editor.

  • Enter Question Title
  • Assign question to Topic
  • Show/Hide on the main FAQ page
  • Enter Order / Position of FAQ Within Category
  • Open In Accordion
  • Answer using WYSING Editor

FAQ Block To Show Topics On CMS Pages

By enabling block, you can display a set of FAQs on home or CMS pages for enhanced visibility.

  • Enable / Disable FAQs Block
  • Enable / Disable FAQs Search Block
  • Maximum No. of topics displayed in the block

Magento Accordion FAQ

Accordion style expands a selected question and hides the rest ones.

  • Enable / Disable Accordion Style for each FAQ

    You can enable or disable Accordion style view for each FAQ that hides the irrelevant questions and allow customers to read an answer with a focused view.

Rating for FAQs

Enable rating to allow customers to rate helpful answers that build trust among other readers.

  • Enable / Disable FAQs Ratings For All Customers
  • Enable For Registered Customers Only

SEO – Rank Your FAQs Page

Configure SEO settings to maximize online visibility and reach to targeted audience.

  • Enter Meta Title, Description & Keywords

    Add meta information that results in better search engine ranking, which ultimately brings you more users and customers.

  • Customize URL Text and Suffix

    You can customize URL to make it search engine friendly, whereas adding a suffix will make it readable and trustworthy.

More Features

  • Add read more link for long FAQ answers
  • Configure number FAQs to display under each category

Merchant Benefits

Customers are habitual to clarify ambiguities about products and services by asking questions. You will have to form a customer support team to reply each email or live chat. Advance FAQ Extension is developed to relieve you in dealing with customer queries. You can avail the following benefits after its installation.

  • The FAQs page enlists all the possible questions and their detailed answers to guide your customers about products and services.
  • It saves your time in answering a question once for FAQs and avoids answering it again and again in emails.
  • You can publish informational content in FAQs section that increases search engine visibility of your store.

Customer Benefits

Answering customers’ queries becomes difficult when they ask the same questions again and again in emails and live chat. With an FAQs page, you can save their time by addressing the common issues with detailed answers. The installation of Advance FAQ extension lets your customers enjoy the following benefits.

  • Magento FAQs Extension saves your customers’ valuable time by providing them answers to questions they are looking for.
  • FAQs page may include technical information about products and services, which may help your customers to make a purchase decision.
  • With Advance FAQ Search, your customers can search for a topic or question, rather than writing a whole email to your support team.

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Reviews & Ratings (8)
  • Easy installation, fast support

    quote Purchased this extension, installation was a breeze. Had a minor question about the style which was answered very quickly. quote

    Read more
    by: Sonny Wich on 6/28/2012
  • Great FAQ extension

    quote We installed the latest version in our Magento store and thumbs up. Great FAQ extension. After contact with the Support, FME puts on manual configuration for our store. Thanks FME for the help and quick answering and help. quote

    Read more
    by: Armand on 6/9/2012
  • Such a useful tool to have on the site and again, tremendous support

    quote Only just added this extension but I can see it is going to be a useful addition. We sell petfood online and get a lot of questions relating to diet etc and I know this is going to help answer many of those questions without the cutomer having to email or pick up the phone. Thanks FME quote

    Read more
    by: Peter on 6/6/2012
  • Can relax a bit more

    quote i run my shop from my home and have to give my phone number on the site as well. Since I have the FAQs up on the site ... Less Phone Calls and more time with the kids :) quote

    Read more
    by: Cathy on 4/26/2012
  • increased revenue

    quote Implemented this extension in our webshop. Working great with the best possible support from FME. Thanks. quote

    Read more
    by: holle on 4/14/2012
  • Less Overhead

    quote I ask a lot of questions when i go into a store about Warranty, functionality etc ... thus i know everyone else will have questions about products on my site. I added FAQs to our site and made them into section. For sure less phone calls and increased sales. A must have for all Online retailers! quote

    Read more
    by: Rhonda on 3/16/2012
  • CEO, Wireless Sensor Technologies

    quote Product is great! It helped us organize the hundred+ questions we get from users into a useful tool. I ran into one small issue and their support team was very quick to respond and resolve the issue. That's what I look for in a company; great support! quote

    Read more
    by: Craig Tadlock on 11/13/2011
  • Smooth

    quote This extension makes it way easier to manage FAQ's would been nice on top each category the clients can have section to send their questions

    Also multi language support i have Eng/French only the topics i can change in admin.

    besides this its first class extension and support is excellent never a problem

    Store owner in Canada quote

    Read more
    by: Louis on 5/22/2011

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