Advance Contact Us Form for Magento® 2 (1.0.0)

Magento 2 Contact form extension creates a dedicated page for the users to quickly interact with you. The customization options allow you to add Google map to display business address for easy navigation and enable reCaptcha for spam prevention. A quick contact popup further facilitates users in dropping you a message without logging on to the contact us page. With the addition of custom fields, you can acquire important details from the users. Manage user submissions to review all the queries in detail and reply them accordingly. Configure SEO settings to enhance search engine visibility of the contact us page.
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  • Key Features

    • Add and Customize a Contact us Page
    • Enable Quick Contact Us Popup Menu
    • Add Custom Fields to Contact us Form
    • Add Recaptcha & Google Map for Easy Navigation
    • Extensive SEO & Email Configurations
    • Manage User Submissions to View, Reply, or Delete

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    Free Lifetime Support

  • 45 Days Moneyback Guarantee

    45 Days Moneyback Guarantee

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    Free Lifetime Upgrades

  • Meet Magento Standards

    Meet Magento Standards

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  • 2 minutes Installation

    2 minutes Installation


Powerful Features of Magento 2 Contact Form

  • Responsive Contact Us Page

    The extension creates a dedicated contact us page to encourage your potential buyers to reach you with an easy-to-fill contact us form.

  • Enable Google Captcha & Map

    You can enable Google reCaptcha to prevent spamming, and add a map to facilitate users in finding your business location.

  • Add a Contact us Popup Menu

    Enable a soft contact us popup to ensure the users swiftly drop you a message rather than visiting the dedicated page.

  • Add Custom Fields to Form

    You can create additional custom fields to intake important information about the users or potential buyers.

  • Manage Users Submissions

    View, Delete, or mark the user submissions as replied or not replied to streamline the requests coming through the contact us form.

  • Configure SEO & Email Settings

    Add Meta details to ensure the Contact Us page appears in SERPs. You can select email sender and add his email address.

Add a Responsive Contact Us Page to your Store

Magento 2 Contact us page extension adds a mobile responsive page to facilitate users in reaching your customer support. Enable multiple features to personalize the contact us page.

  • Add additional Fields
  • Customize Fields Titles
  • Add Address, Email & Contact Number
  • Enable Google Map for Location Navigation
  • Add Captcha to Prevent Spam
FME Magento Extensions

Enable Contact us Popup Form

Magento 2 custom contact form extension allows you to enable a soft popup that allows users to drop you a message regardless of the page they are browsing.

  • Select a Position for Contact Us Popup

    You can select a position for the contact us popup menu as left or right. Choose according to your web layout and the ease of users.

FME Magento Extensions

Create Additional Custom Fields

Magento 2 Contact form extension is equipped with various types of fields to help you design a personalized form for your users. You can add following types of fields.

  • Text Box
  • Text Area
  • Dropdown
  • Radio button
  • Checkbox
  • Multi-select
  • File Upload
  • Date
FME Magento Extensions

Customize Additional Fields

While adding a custom field, you can try various configuration options to personalize the field best to your requirements.

  • Enter Custom Labels
  • Provide Placeholders
  • Add Values
  • Mark the Additional Fields Mandatory
  • Select Type of Field
  • Enter Sort Order to Fields
FME Magento Extensions

Allow Certain File Extensions User can Upload

Magento 2 contact us extension allows you to restrict users in uploading a file of a specific type and size. A list of support file extensions are provided in the multi-select menu that includes;

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • DOCX
  • TXT
  • ZIP
FME Magento Extensions

Manage User Submissions to Clean the Clutter

A list of all the user submissions appears in the admin panel to help you easily manage each of them.

  • View Report or Delete the Entry

    You can view a detailed report of the contact query that displays the name, phone no., IP address, and other answers. Or, delete a submission that is invalid or irrelevant.

  • Mark Replied or Not Replied

    To make sure every query is dealt in properly, you can mark it as replied or not replied.

FME Magento Extensions

Configure SEO Settings

Magento 2 contact us form extension has a built-in functionality of configuring on-site SEO for the contact us page you create.

  • Personalize Contact Us Page Link

    Add a URL identifier that is easy to read and understand by the users as well search engine robots. Gain visibility by making the page link readable.

  • Write Custom Page Title and Description

    You can draft an appealing title and description for the contact us page. Create a spellbinding experience to compel the users in dropping you a message.

  • Add Meta Details for Higher CTR

    Write an easy to understand meta title, core keywords, and well-optimized description to earn a higher click-through rate from the SERPs.

FME Magento Extensions

Personalize Fields on the Contact Us Form

With extension customization options, Magento 2 custom contact form lets you personalize the field titles of the form as well. You can change titles of the following fields;

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Subject
  • Message Field
  • Submit Button
FME Magento Extensions

Configure Email Settings

Add an email address to receive user queries and select a sender on behalf of your business like sales representative or customer support. All the user generated queries are further handled via email coordination.Try configuring these options.

  • Integrate Send Emails to
  • Select Email Sender
  • Choose an Email template
FME Magento Extensions

Personalize Alert Messages

You can write custom alert messages to make sure the users know that their queries are submitted or not. Write a personalized message separately for the Success and Failure of user submissions.

FME Magento Extensions

Merchant Benefits

  • A personalized 'Contact Us' page and popup menu ensure better user interaction. Users are no more reluctant to drop you a message
  • User submissions are like qualified leads. Users can ask about a product, and upon a friendly reply, they can proceed with purchases
  • With the creation of additional form fields, you can grab more relevant and useful information from the users

Customer Benefits

  • A user can easily locate your physical address on the map while reaching out for a query
  • With file upload facility, users can better communicate with your support team about their requirements or expectations
  • The alert messages are quite useful for the user as they get to know either their query is submitted or not

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Reviews & Ratings
  • 5 star

    quote Full featured exension to add contact popup form. Adding additional fields fulfills the requirements of 3 differnet ecommerce stores. quote

    Read more
    by: Jame101 on 7/20/2018
  • Responsive

    quote A responsive extension, easy to install,. The contact popup is nice and responsive. quote

    Read more
    by: WebPros on 7/12/2018
  • Best contact form extension

    quote This contact form extension is great - a responsive contact form & contact popup that does well what it has to do.
    Adding custom fields is a great feature. quote

    Read more
    by: Ric on 6/29/2018

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