Magento 2 Consulting Services

Magento 2 Consulting Services

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FME’s Magento 2 consultancy services are here to look after every need of your online platform such as Site Structure Analysis, Magento 2 Code Audit, SEO Audit, Strategy Implementation, Planning & Assessment, Business Consulting, Health & Performance Review and Migration services. Our Magento 2 expert consultants are capable enough to meet your short to long term needs of consultancy, migration and web development.

Our team discretely analyzes and prepares all requirements that should be in place to make sure that your eCommerce site successfully generates more than the desired revenue. Our decade long experience in the industry has equipped us with the required tools and best practices and entitled us to give you exert advice on improving SEO, optimizing speed, and increasing conversion rate.

Business Consulting

Our Magento 2 expert consultants specialize in business consultancy to serve you with sound advice through proper counsel for enhancing your business capacity and revenues.

Planning & Assessment

FME’s team of professionals have impeccable planning and strategic supervision skills to help you with Magento 2 project planning and manage your website on a whole new level.

Strategy Implementation

We sharply analyze your current business strategies and develop ways to strengthen them to perfection through our dedicated consultants who are well versed in Magento 2 standards.

Site Structure Analysis

Our technical Magento 2 consultants and site-architects provide coordinated assistance to improve your website by saving your resources, time and other hassles.

Magento 2 Code Audit

Our consultancy team includes Magento 2 expert developers who can check your Magento 2 coding and recommend you with a suitable and stable solution.

SEO Audit

Our SEO experts have years of experience and helped hundreds of client’s sites improve their search engine performance. They will evaluate your website for SEO and provide you with practical solutions for your SEO campaign and keep you in the loop during the audit.

Health & Performance Review

Our web professionals keep close tabs on the daily performance of your website and inform you with possible improvements needed for better performance.


We will guide you and provide you with all the reasons to release your website from inferior and sub-performance versions and upgrade your website to the latest edition.


  • Our 10 years of Magento excellence has enabled us to produce 150+ top quality extensions and 1000+ development projects.
  • We have a team of highly experienced developers to fulfill your unique needs and manage projects of all capacities.
  • Our developers are well equipped with all the necessary gear and knowledge to add any enhancement you like on your website.
  • Our consultancy team include professional developers and SEO experts so they can guide you to make your store search engine friendly.
  • FME has a dedicated team that deliver projects on time and within budget with uncompromised quality in Magento 2 Development.
  • We have the most scalable and flexible Magento 2 solutions that everyone can afford. All our products and services are up-to date.
  • We have the best online management tools to get your store up on the top rankings and with the fastest means possible.
  • We have the best online management tools to get your store up on the top rankings and with the fastest means possible.