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5 Reasons Why Your Landing Page Needs Media Gallery To Boost Sales

5 Reasons Why Your Landing Page Needs Media Gallery To Boost Sales

Integrating a multimedia gallery in your website to promote videos is not something any merchant can ignore these days. Over the past decade ecommerce industry has been in its prime and several researches and surveys clearly dictate that visual information outclasses any readable pitch retailers choose for their online stores.

A simple survey unveiled that audience that reads information is 72% less likely to absorb it compared to those who watch it visually through images and videos. Giving the customer an opportunity to look into the website and explore the products and services with the help of multimedia support is the best strategy to improve traffic and increase conversions.

Last August it was reported that 85% of Americans were influenced by videos into buying products online and another 65% who claimed that Videos are a much more convenient for acquiring product knowledge than bland data spread over a webpage. Here are the top reasons why you should use Videos for your online store to enhance conversion and amplify sales.

Choosing a Suitable Plugin for the Task

Finding a plugin that is cut out for the task is something that requires careful analysis and market research. Picking the wrong plugin will not only cause inconvenience for you and your customers, but drastically affect conversion rates on your online store. Viewing from these angles, FME Magento Media Gallery is not only the smartest and the most well developed extension for merchants to integrate product videos into the their online stores, but it gives the customers the experience they deserve while shopping online.

Merchants can make a separate landing page for the videos and customize the video gallery setting with aspect ratio, slide speed and block positioning that gives customer a user friendly experience along with an informative visual assistance. It is a complete package of multimedia features and options unparallel in the web development industry.

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Google Loves Videos

Research has clearly indicated that Google prepares its search results to favor sites that have videos. The blended search result of Google is comprised of images, videos, maps and news feed that allows websites to be ranked, hence optimizing videos for your website with the right mix of grading ingredients can help your online presence to skyrocket. Here are two strategies to help websites reach their marks.

  1. The smartest way to tackle a video crisis is upload your video on media channels. YouTube is a video stream platform owned by Google so a video that has its origins on it will automatically be ranked well on Google. You can host your videos on YouTube and then find a page that has abundant keywords in the text and put your video on it as well. You can create YouTube Video Gallery to associate your website with a highly popular medium. This will get your video to be ranked even well.
  2. To spread the word on the internet, make clever use of keywords in the title, filename, tags and description of the video. This is a proven strategy for attaining fast visibility.

Social Media Audiences

Ignoring the old and obsolete trends of sharing videos on fatigued pages from the cemetery, you need to be active in the social media. Many merchants have already testified that their posts and news alerts on regular pages fail to grab as much attention as they receive on social media platforms. Studies have confirmed that people are more likely to click on something that has multimedia element than a normal text oriented thumbnail. Share your videos on social media sites such as Facebook and allow people to like it and share it for their peers to see. YouTube makes it even better with the sharing feature that allows others to attach your video on their pages.

Feeding the Lazy ones

The audience is always hungry for more news about technology, politics and sports. However, the problem appears to be a rather very humanly one, the audience is simply too lazy to read. Keeping this into the equation, many websites that have information packed with beautifully expressed texts do not receive the attention they deserve. This is same as the average person, who would keep himself hooked to television set watching commercials on and on and would not regard a news paper folded next to the couch. Using videos to convey the same message is the smartest means of countering this problem as people are highly influenced by visual effects rather than alphabets massacred on web pages.

Visuals contain more Information

A picture is a monument of a thousand of words expressed on a flat surface. Now let’s compare that figure with that of a video that plays thousands of pictures in one sitting. It becomes undisputed that presenting a message through videos is not only convenient but also efficient. You can fit in several thousand words through a video and succeed in delivering your sales pitch without compromising the time of the viewer. This not only allows the audience to engage more in the website, but emotionally understand the values you mean to channel about the product or service through the video which you might not through texts.

Make Your Store Interactive

What people demand in brick and mortar stores can never be delivered on online stores? That cannot sound more wrong than in 2015! It is true that most of the customers are reluctant or even despise online shopping is the lack of in-store experience they like in physical stores. The warm welcome and décor that charms the customer is somewhat a very valuable element in generating sales revenue for the business. What many merchants seem to forget is the evolving technology that has given many aspects of online stores a new chance. High definition video recording is now such a feasible and effective technique that it makes even the most boring store an invoking feel. Add HD videos of the insides of the store with soothing audio effects which the customers fancy, along with a small tour of the products displayed inside the store to make the customer feel confident about the product being displayed as the same being purchased online.