Top Magento Product Page Enhancement Tool

Top Magento Product Page Enhancement Tool
Realtime and meaningful information is what makes your site more distinguishing than others. The most important thing is the comfort it brings to site visitors. The more smoother the browsing experience, more time the customers will spend on your site. The ratio of sales conversions will increase resulting in more profitable business. One of such tools to make this happen is the Previous Next Magento Extension. Magento is a feature rich eCommerce platform and offers you complete customization of any page of your site. Magento Product Page Enhancement Tool Previous Next Magento Extension focuses on category and product page enhancement.   Normally when customers want to view any product they will first select its category such as cell phones. Within this category they will click on their desired product which will open up product page with all the details about it and images.  After they have viewed the details they will probably go back and select other product or switch to any other category. This process involves back and forth traveling on category and product pages. Previous Next Magento Extension eliminates all this time consuming and somewhat frustrating experience. The product page is now equipped with three buttons right above the product display area. These buttons serve the purpose of product navigation within any category. It means that once customers are within any category say cell phones then they can browse all cellphones by staying on the same page with the help of these buttons. When they will click on next button, next product will be loaded up. Similarly back button will load-up previous product from the catalog. You can customize these buttons with custom images and text.

Previous Next Magento Extension

The central button takes back to main category where customers can select different categories. Another wonderful thing is that products can be sorted on real time e.g. if you have configured sorting by price then next and previous buttons will load products according to the price, in case you have configured sorting by ID then products will appear according to their ID. You can also configure ascending and descending order which also changes on real time. All these settings are easily managed from the backend administration module provided with the Previous Next Magento Extension.  Let us see the features of this product page enhancement tool.

Features - Previous Next Magento Extension:

1.       Eliminate page reloads which occur when customers go back and forth on product and category pages. It does so with the help of Previous, Next and Category buttons placed very conveniently on product page. 2.       Previous, Next and Category buttons are completely customizable. You can upload custom images and text for them. 3.       You have an option to display part of text on Previous or Next button. You can select first or second word. 4.       Sorting can be applied on real time. Whenever customers will click on next or previous buttons, products will appear after sorting as configured from the backend e.g Sort by ID, Sort by Name or by Price. 5.       Order of the product can also be changed on real time e.g. ascending or descending order