Top Magento Extensions to Boost Sales in 2019 Holiday Season

Top Magento Extensions to Boost Sales in 2019 Holiday Season

Finding new ways to sell your products or services online is an important part of the sales funnel. It may come in the form of a new strategy, a partnership, or a tool that you can integrate to enhance your online store’s abilities. Often, online merchants have great products but just not the right platform, marketing pitch or business plan to get the customer’s attention.

This becomes even more crucial during the last quarter when time is of the essence and your products need to get sold fast. Opportunities such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and Pre-New Year get around the corner and your store sales start to depend on them. In this article, we the take the opportunity of sharing 8 top game changing magneto extensions that you can use to get your product sales high up during year-end and make the best out of 2019.

1. Percentage Pricing

Percentage pricing is a great extension to automate your pricing metrics for setting aside your profit margin when adding prices for your products in your online store. This extension comes particularly useful when you are drop shipping or adding products from other stores. With Percentage Pricing, you can easily assign prices and get its preset profit margin when the product gets sold. The extension allows you to set markup as percentage as well as fixed for products. You can custom create rules according to your preferences and apply them to specific products or the entire store catalog. To make it distinctive for each customer group and region, you can enable restrictions so your percentage pricing only appears to customer groups you target.

2. Who Bought This Also Bought This

Many customers often come across the dilemma of choosing products that complement each other, but don’t have enough social proof to proceed with their purchase. With “Who Bought This Also Bought This” extension, you can help you store customer by giving them recommendations about products that were bought by customers who also bought the product they searched first. This not only helps boost the merchant’s store sales, but also helps customers through a refined user experience for navigating products online. With this extension you can set related products on a captivating slider, adjust its position, choose grid view, and show them as per order statuses. It’s a great extension that supplements your online marketing by auto-suggesting products that are frequently bought together.

3. Private Sales

Private sales extension is another useful plugin to help your Magento store create loyal customers for repeat business. This extension is specifically designed to build long term customers by giving them special incentives and offers to maximize exposure and increase sales. You can enable Private Sales for a specific customer group by offering them discounts, promotion coupons, special sale deals, and event based discounts. You can also organize these offers on a dedicated page and list the upcoming sales and events using countdown timer. You can also set discounts based on percentage as well as fixed price. This builds anticipation within your target customers, makes them feeling of being valued, and secures their trust so they can come back for more. You can create multiple private sales campaigns, add private sales separately on each product, add them on entire catalog, and show labels on listings pages.

4. Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap extension is one of the coolest functionalities you would want for your store. with this extension you can easily add a gift wrap feature on the product page so the customer can purchase and send the product to their loved one without having to get it delivered at home and wrapped by themselves. This significantly streamlines the process and gives customers an enticing reason to buy from your store again. This extension comes with a wide range of gift wrap types so customers are able to easily select a wrapping design based on their personal preferences and send the product as gift directly to the person. You can add pricing for wrap services, custom create wrapping designs and restrict wrapping service according to customer groups selected by you.

5. Store Pickup

Many customers are reluctant to purchase products online either due to the time they take when being delivered to their address, or in fear of the extra shipping cost they may have to pay to get the product. With Store Pick up extension you not only allow your customers to save on their shipping costs, but have the ordered delivered faster than the default delivery process. Store pick up works by giving customers the option to have the product delivered at the company store nearest to the customer. Then, the customer can visit and store and collect the product without paying any shipment charges. From settings, you can enable/disable the option, import shop data on your website through CSV file, and show all your stores on a dedicated listings page.

6. Pre Order

A lot of online stores struggle in getting their products launched successfully. But even those that do, they often stumble in maintaining their sales to a profitable margin. With Magento 2 Pre-Order extension, you can organize a successful product launch that not only gets you the customers attention, but also their wallets. With this extension you can create a pre-order strategy for generating awareness and anticipation for the product you are about to launch. To maintain its sales, you can enable back-order feature to allow customers to order the product again when it goes out of stock. The extension comes with a countdown timer that can be place on each product you assign for pre-order or back-order. You can also show the date, and any custom message with the product.

7. Product Labels & Stickers

Selling online comes with a fair share of challenges. One of them is getting your product properly presented on your product pages and category pages. Many stores go with overly graphical elements and lengthy textual details but still fail to generate the attention they need to get sales. Product Labels and Stickers extension is just the answer for this problem. This plugin allows you to add attractive labels and stickers on your product images, declaring special discounts, promotional items, deals and other event based offers. This encourages the customer to click on the product and eventually convert. From customization settings you can add custom text, image labels, product photos, label designs, change label position, restrict labels by customer group, add labels to entire catalog, or add multiple labels with one product. Its feature rich extension that works quite well with all types of products and gives a great return value to your online business.

8. Refer A Friend

Getting store sales across customers is no easy task. You need to build trust by providing a great deal service to you customers in order for them to recommend your products to others. With Refer a Friend extension, you can easily do that without getting involved in the lengthy process of acquiring trust overtime. The extension works by inviting your existing customers to refer your product to their friends. In return, the customer will get exciting rewards from your store. But what’s different is that not only the referrer gets rewarded, but the referred customer also gets incentives so they can refer more of your products into their circle. Customers can view their statistics from My Account section and learn more about their rewards, referral links and earnings. You can set expiry date for referral option and set targets bases on fixed or percentage reward. You can get more customization option from backend.

9. Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace

In the last few years the popularity of eCommerce marketplaces has been growing much faster than brick and mortar stores. You would have already seen the examples of successful eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy or Flipkart. If you want to create your own eCommerce marketplace like Amazon or eBay we provide you readymade Open Source Marketplace Script with non-encryption. You can also easily customize all features and products based on your requirements. CedCommerce Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace helps you in converting your store into an multivendor marketplace in no time.