Magento Tutorial-Creating Magento Webstore
Do you have a web shop?  You might think probably why would you need it? To answer this question, if you are businessman and want to become somewhat like Amazon, then you must create an ecommerce website.  And Magento is one of the greatest shopping cart that allows us to create Magento stores quickly and in expensively. It comes with free and premium Magento Themes and extensions to build a perfect web shop. First of all you have to make is clear that Magento is not a complicated ecommerce platform to setup and use. Magento comes in three versions,
  • Magento CE
  • Magento Go
  • Magento Enterprise
Only Magento CE is free, Most of the hosting service providers offer it as a free service. With just one click, you can have it installed and there you go. Your web shop is then ready to be in production with the greatest shopping cart once you add products to it and install your desired theme. There are tons of free and premium Magento themes available to choose. The default theme will probably not make any good unless you install custom Magento theme. Let us see below how you can interact with Magento once you have setup your ecommerce website. - Default Page
Default page after Magento Themes installation

This is the default page after Magento installation. You will then need to select any of free or premium Magento Themes that will change the default look.

- Login to Magento Admin Area

Magento Admin panel login page
Magento defines a frontend and backend area. Backend is used to make web shop configuration e.g. add products, configure promotions, SEO etc. It makes it very easy to make website that sell online. Because you don’t necessarily need to have technical knowledge. You just use the convenient backend panel, - System configuration
Magento Configuration
Configuration section allows you to configure all settings for your web store
- Catalog Section
Magento Catalog
Catalog section allows you to add/remove products, categories and many more options as mentioned in above image.
- Promotions
Magento Promotional Rules
This section allows you to create price rules.
- Reports Magento Reports Reports are one of the strongest feature for any software. Access multiple reports to track all stats. - Base URL         Magento Base URL Set new domain to work with by navigating to Web from configurations and many more settings as described in above image. This is just an introductory article, more detailed posts will be published on individual components. Stay tuned.