OtherFebruary 7, 2013

Magento Plugins for Art Websites

Magento Plugins for Art Websites

Many people believe that Magento is only usable for eCommerce websites. But this is just a myth, Magento offers templates and plugins for Art websites, News agencies, portfolios, photo galleries etc. You can say that the primary target is eCommerce but not just eCommerce. As a programmer you can build highly robust and scalable websites in Magento for any purpose. There are lots of benefits to this, first and the foremost is that there is not cost associated to it. Magento is open source; you do not need to pay any license fee.

Secondly you are free to develop your own plugins or do customization. Thirdly Magento uses MVC, object oriented programming approach for web development which means a rock solid and efficient website structure. When all these benefits are combined in the day end, the result is that you can build any type of website layout without any cost. So is the case for artists. Now a day they need global significance to build their brand.

To give you an example look at Portfolio Plus Magento Theme

which is built for portfolio and artwork. Millions of artists have opened up their own art website or they are joining any online art gallery. Besides art templates, Magento also offer plugins for art websites. Magento Photo and Product Gallery offers key benefits to artists which they can utilize on their websites. Let us see below what this plugin offers.

Magento Photo and Product Gallery Plugin

Following are the features this plugin offers:

  • Create unlimited artist albums
  • Configure properties for albums such as name, area, date etc.
  • Multi store supported
  • Sorting feature provided
  • Can upload multiple Images at a time
  • Each photo album can be assigned with any event or other product. This is helpful to show multiple image views of a product
  • Separated HTML/CSS


  • Custom blocks can be created to place artist albums anywhere on page
  • Block can be configured with custom title, ID, content etc.
  • Offers WYSIWYG Editor for content
  • Each block can have its own images
  • Configurations for Jquery effects
  • Provides three different themes of Jquery for the blocks


  • Photo gallery can have its own label and URL
  • Configure SEO URL for search engines
  • Pagination for the articles supported
  • Meta Information can be configured for this extension
  • Configurable lightbox

By utilizing these features artist would not have to worry about adding products to their website, they will have easy to use admin panel through which they will create photo gallery albums and then assign it to any page.

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