Adding Separate Invoice and Billing Email Functionality

Adding Separate Invoice and Billing Email Functionality
If you need to add separate invoice email id field on checkout page in billing section, FME has developed an Invoice Email plug-in that provides this functionality. It’s very easy and simple, once the extension is installed and enabled, a field ‘Invoice Email’ will appear on checkout page, it will also appear in customer accounts, and order information. In simple works, this Magento Invoice extension supports invoicing on multiple addresses. Magento Invoice Email ID

Features – Magento Invoice Email Extension

  • Supports multiple invoice addresses. You can enable invoicing on both email addresses on checkout page.
  • Creates a new field ‘Invoice Email’ on checkout page in billing section
  • Shipment emails will be sent to invoice email
  • Customers can later add and edit invoice email id from their accounts
  • If invoice email id is changed during checkout process, it will be updated in customer’s account
  • Invoice email information is shown in customers’ accounts, orders section and on checkout page.
For more information checkout Magento Invoice Email Extension DEMO