Magento Extensions – Solutions for Human Resources

Magento Extensions – Solutions for Human Resources

Management is something which can either bring you to disastrous results if not done well otherwise will release you from many worries. It is always a complicated task that requires skills, dedication, planning and proper implementation. There are lots of online tools available to manage certain tasks such as events, jobs etc. These tools if incorporated on website will provide benefits of automation, reporting, analyses and many other things. One of such tool is the Open Jobs Magento Extension, it is one of the most cutting edge extension developed for companies looking to advertise their jobs online.

With this Magento plugin you get following options to manage your jobs,

  • 1. Manage jobs
  • 2. Manage job types
  • 3. Manage locations
  • 4. Manage department
  • 5. Manage applications
  • 6. Configurations

With the help of this Magento Module you can define job types, their locations, departments and much more. Each job has a section from where you will be able to manage applications received against it. This section provides required information for applicants like Name, Email, Application date, Phone and resume. Also another wonderful feature without which an application is considered to be incomplete has been provided and that is social integration. You can now publish any job to Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in. Apart from this it provides options to manage applications as well, so in case you have many applications you can browse through them using this module.

Front-end by default lists all jobs elegantly. A filter has been provided to see jobs by location. Clicking on any jobs open up its details along with an “Apply Now” button which slides down application form once clicked. Now applicants won’t have to go to separate page in order to apply, it’s just the same page. Social integration is also provided on front-end. Managing jobs now through this Magento plugin is  not a problem.


  • Create, edit, enable/disable Job type, location, departments and Jobs very conveniently
  • SEO friendly URL for Job's detail page
  • Set Meta title, meta keywords and meta description for each job's detail page
  • View applicants from Job's edit page
  • Download CV and view details of applicant right from jobs management section
  • Post job to your Facebook wall from Job's edit page
  • Tweet Job on twitter from job's edit page
  • Share Job on LinkedIn from Jobs edit page
  • View applicants count on Jobs grid
  • Job listing page image can be set from configuration
  • Can change the label of Jobs in top links and bottom links
  • URL suffix can be configured from system configuration
  • Can configure the number of jobs to display per page

Front-End Features

  • Filter jobs by location
  • Order jobs by Department, Date
  • User can share job on social networks
  • Quickly apply for a job from a dropdown menu