OtherNovember 7, 2012

How to Use Table Pricing on your Website

How to Use Table Pricing on your Website

CSV Pricing Magento Extension is a perfect pricing solution for products which can have variable size requirement before customers buy them. Let us take an example of Gold, if you are have an online Jewelry store then customers will definitely have an option to customize any jewelry item before purchasing it e.g. ring size change, amount of gold in jewelry etc.  In this case you can create custom products attributes in Magento and whenever customer will enter the values in those attributes then price will be checked from spread sheet instead of default one in database.

The way this extension works is that you will upload a spreadsheet containing values for each product size. You can create spreadsheet according to the sized you would like to offer. Now you need to upload this spreadsheet for each product.  One uploaded this extension will automatically pick right price from this spreadsheet for each product based on the attributes entered by customer. Not just for the gold but this module can be used for any scenario which involves variable dimensions before checkout.

Features: CSV Pricing Magento Extension

  • You do not need to create configurable product in Magento instead you can use 1 simple product . In Magento you need to create hundreds of simple products to create one configurable product depending upon the attributes. CSV Pricing Magento Extension eliminates this cumbersome task.
  • Min and max prices are validated with the help of JS
  • Each field such as columns, rows, fraction can be customized
  • Custom Measurement units can also be specified
  • You can select whether price should be calculated in percentage or not
  • Custom validation messages can be defined

CSV file can be uploaded from within product settings. You can access these from the Magento admin panel. Open up settings of product and you will see in the left column a new tab named as “FME CSV Pricing”, click on it and then upload your desired CSV file. Once the CSV is uploaded then price will calculated from this spreadsheet.