OtherJanuary 9, 2013

How to Make Money from CMS Pages

How to Make Money from CMS Pages

New Era has brought new enhancements in Ecommerce industry but also store owners will have to face new challenges. They need to do something out of the box to survive in such competitive environment. Magento has made allot of different challenges easy for you and it will keep you safe from future Ecommerce challenges.

How to increase sales is an unresolved mystery for Magento online store owners. FME is always there to assist you in all bad phases and this time we got something more advanced and unique to help you meet all Ecommerce challenges and increasing your sales.

How to Showcase Products on CMS Pages

Showcasing your products is an art, only few people have mastered this art and they get good money at the end of the day. Having quality products is not only thing which will bring you money but you need to place them properly to get maximum utilization out of them.

Every website has a contact us, about us, privacy policy and such type of other pages. You get allot of traffic on those pages but get zero conversation because there is no product on those pages. FME’s brand new ADD PRODUCTS TO CMS EXTENSION allows you to showcase your products on CMS pages to get more conversions.

Make CMS pages more worthy and make them a conversional medium by using this module. This can be done easily via visiting CMS pages from backend with the help of extension. Select your desired CMS pages and use condition tab to define rules and bingo. Your products are on CMS pages like cross sells and up sells.

Key Benefits

  • You can showcase any of your products on any of your CMS page.
  • This extension will increase your conversions.
  • Get more attention on Sales offers or clearing stock items by displaying them on CMS features.
  • No advanced skills required to run and manage this module.
  • Support will be provided without any additional charges.
  • 100% advanced programming techniques utilized.

Get Add Products to CMS Pages Magento Extension to enhance chances of conversion by capturing traffic from all CMS page.