Magento 2September 18, 2013

5 Benefits of Adding Google+ in Your Social Marketing

Now-a-days Google+ is considered to be one of the biggest social network for marketing on the Globe. Many individuals have started their businesses by switching from Facebook to   Google+ for a big reason. If you want to do the same, follow these tips. Below are the 5 tips to get benefit from Google+
  •  Benefit through Video marketing
We all knows YouTube is the property of Google. Sharing YouTube videos in Google+ is a better way to get benefit through it.
  •  Google+ Privacy Policy
The privacy policy of Google+ is very simple. It allow us to create different circles for our family, friends and business. If we share a message in the friends' circle it will not be displayed on other circles. So you can segment your audience and target separately.
  •  Google Hangout
Google Hangout is also a best source to have a private conversation with your audience. Google huddle can also be used to call a group chat among. Google huddle will allow you to have a undistributed chat among the fiends and businesses. But if we compare this with Facebook so it does not allow us to carry a private  chat in peace.
  • Displaying Picture on Google+
Sharing pictures on Google+ is a big fun for  many individuals. On Google+ , you can upload any photo instantly and share it with your community. 
  • Google Own Search
This feature can help you to see “+1'd” to behind you photos or videos. This feature can show you how many people has viewed your post and liked it. If you are running an online business, here some marketing extensions by FME that can help you grow your business.