FME’s Extensions Work Seamlessly with New SUPEE-6788 Security Patch

FME’s Extensions Work Seamlessly with New SUPEE-6788 Security Patch

Magento is releasing regular performance updates and security patches to keep its status of being best and most secured open source platform. With the new SUPEE-6788 security patch now available, merchants can rest assured that their stores are protected with the latest coding any ecommerce platform can promise. This new security patch has somewhat affected all the 3rd party extensions installed in thousands of live stores. The good news is all of our extensions are updated to work seamlessly with the new security patch updated i.e. SUPEE-6788

What is SUPEE-6788?

The SUPEE-6788 is the most up to date patch added on October the 27th 2015 that protects your online stores from various types of security issues such as information leaks, remote code executions and cross site scripting.

Community and Enterprise editions will now be equipped with this Security Patch SUPEE-6788. This has been the most important patch so far as it promises to tackle all the security issues which were once the root cause of hacking and money fraud. This brings us to the integration of this patch within our extensions.

Changes With The New Patch

This patch is expected to be quite new with the protections features compared to the preceding patches and it will most likely disable all extensions installed in your store. As observed in the previous patches where the installation was done through a mere SSH command, this patch demands more focus from the developers. This new patch is designed to fix more than 10 problems associated with Magento security but unfortunately caused many extensions to dysfunction.

All FME’s Extensions Has Been Updated For SUPEE - 6788

Before we could implement the latest patch (SUPEE-6788) and update all of extensions, we also carefully administered the changes brought in by the previous security patches as well. This helped us ensure that the new patch works perfectly with all the FME extensions without a single glitch.

We have also gathered the technical details of SUPEE-6788 in a list where you can check the changes that might have impacted the installation and the functionality of your extensions from FME. Our developers have carefully checked the changes and everything is working as expected.

With the new patch integrated within the FME extensions, your store will now be impervious to several potential threats. The previous version of Magento Community prior to was deprived with such enhancements.

Download And Install Latest Extension Packages

If you have updated your store with new security patch then it is recommended for you to update extension package as well. You can login to your FmeExtensions account to download the latest extension package and install it. For any technical issues contact our support and they guide you for any query regarding the SUPEE-6788 patch. As per our policy support is free for lifetime.