5 Must have Magento Extensions for eCommerce sites

Best Magento Extensions

Every online store owner has a wish to get in top ten eCommerce giant list. To bring this wish true there are quite a few steps to be taken. As we have discussed before many of them regarding design, functionality, customer support etc. Today we will have a look at some tools which appear to be smaller but they produce stunning results. These Magento tools are some of the best tools to incorporate on your site with regard to customer usability features. 1.        Ajax Add to Cart This Magento Extension enhances customers shopping experience. Typically when customers have made a selection to purchase any product they will add it to cart, once they have clicked on “add to cart button”, cart page loads up.  In case they want to do more shopping they would click on back button to select any other product. This would happen each time they add any product to cart. This extension eliminates this frustration and allows them to add product to cart while staying on very same page. Products are added to cart on the fly.

Magento add to cart

2.       User Profiles This is another wonderful extension that captures the benefits of online user profiles. It allows customers to create their profiles on your site that will act as a centralized place to share information between them and store admin.   They have separate tabs for inbox and my reviews in their accounts on your site. In inbox they can view, create or reply to the messages while in reviews tabs they can view all the reviews they had posted against any product. There is also a separate page which lists all users’ profiles. Customer can view other users’ profiles and see which products they like or had reviewed.

Magento user profile

3.       Background Images This Magento Extension helps site owners to change the background of their site pages for any special occasions such as holidays, celebrations etc. These images are updated automatically by creating rules. It puts strong impression on your customers about how actively your site is maintained and how well you are working for customers’ satisfaction. Magento Extensions 4.       Previous Next Previous Next Magento plugin eliminates the frustration caused by page reloads when customers try to navigate to different products. Typically when customers click on a product from category page means where all the products of a category are listed, its detail page would be loaded. What will happen when customer would need to view another product? Certainly they would have to go back to that category page and select any other product. What this plugin does is that once your customers are on product detail page, it gives them next and previous buttons to navigate to other products in a category while staying on same page. Furthermore next and previous products can be sorted by Price, ID and Name. This is one of the coolest Magento plugins you can find in online Magento stores.

Magento Extensions

 5.       Google Maps store locator This extension allows your customers to find locations of your stores in multiple places and which products they host by using Google maps on your site. They can view which store is closer to them.  This module automatically detects customer’s location and calculates the distance to each store. Each store then lists this distance so that customers can select the nearest store. It also allows them to search any store by products or address.

Magento Store Locator

All these Magento Extensions provide a wonderful way to attract customers and giving best usability features to them. They all fine tune your store so that it runs perfectly.....