OtherSeptember 30, 2012

4 Techniques to Get Good Alexa Rank

4 Techniques to Get Good Alexa Rank

Alexa ranking is way more important than you think. Sometimes people out there trust on your online store just because you have good Alexa ranking. SEO people and Webmasters are finding way to get good Alexa to get trust from their consumers.

Alexa is a web information company which ranks the websites and blogs all over the world based on their traffic and some of other factors (which I will mention below). Alexa rank for your website gets updated on daily basis and the lesser it is the better it is.

There is a question in thousands of minds that my traffic is good but why I am not getting a good Alexa rank? Well as I said Alexa is not only based on your traffic, there are some other factors which can make an impact on your Alexa rankings and let’s talk about them.

Install Alexa Tool Bar & Claim your website

Claim your website on Alexa so people should know about your company and by doing this you will gain more trust, Secondly and the most important thing is that you and your friends must have Alexa tool bar installed on your computer and you can instruct your visitors to install Alexa tool bar on their computers because Alexa only record those which have their tool bar or widget on blog/website.

Write Reviews & Put Alexa Widget on your Blog/Website

Write a detailed review about Alexa and link back to Alexa.com. Put a widget on your blog and website because as I mentioned earlier that Alexa record only those hits which passes through their system.

Ask your consumers, friends and users to write review about your online store, blog or website on Alexa.com which can bring Alexa down.

Backlinks, Blog Comments and Related Traffic

Alexa also counts the number of back links coming to your website and if its related to your niche that would be even better for you to get good Alexa. Get traffic from techy guys, bloggers and seo people because they have already installed Alexa bar on their computer systems.

Update Blog Daily, Write Quality Content & Share it All

Your blog must be updated on daily basis and the most important factor is that content should contain great quality. Because Content is the King and it should contain no grammar, spelling mistakes and it should not be duplicate content

Share your  blog posts, articles and reviews on Facebook, Google plus, twitter, Reddit and other social media website to get maximum exposure from visitors and they also helps you to get good Alexa rank.