OtherFebruary 12, 2013

2 Money Making Magento Extensions

2 Money Making Magento Extensions

It’s a universal truth that everyone looks forward to have maximum profit at the end of the day. Undoubtedly Magento is one platform which expanded Ecommerce which no other platform could ever have. I personally consider Magento as a business consultancy and management firm which has solution of every problem because Magento extensions have always met all challenges given by Ecommerce world.

There are thousands of Magento extensions, plugins, modules available on the internet some are paid and some are free, some worth paying and some don’t so while choosing a plugin you need to make sure that plugin is going to help you making money and let FME present you 3 of its best money making extensions.

Cart Abandonment Reminder

My heart breaks if someone goes for cart abandonment and I think you feel the same way when you see cart abandonment at the end of the day. Cart abandonment is biggest problem in Ecommerce industry and experts are still going after it to fully resolve it. FME allows you to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversations via its newly launched Magento Cart Abandonment Reminder Module.

Its not just a module but a fully equipped management system which will not only follow up the cart abandonment but will help you to convert them into sales. Yes its true that FME’s cart abandonment reminder help you sending follow up emails along with discounted coupons, sale offer, bundle offer and other exciting offers to bring client back to complete checkout process.

This extension has much more in it. To view demo and exciting features of Magento Cart Abandonment reminder please Click here.

Shop by Brands

Magento shop by brands is our very classic and one of the best selling products. It allows store owners to show products brand wise so brand lovers can easily explore products and buy them. This module allows owners to manage branded product via admin panel in an easy way. Admin can link products to their manufacturers so brand concisions buyers can easily browse and buy products from their desired brands.

It allows you to showcase you brands and the products you added from admin panel will be showcased when user will click on a brand. New brand can be featured on your website to let people know about your new brand and to increase it sales.

View demo, features and much more about Magento Shop By Brands